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disputing student loans score dropped

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disputing student loans score dropped

hello..i had duplicate student loans on my experian credit report..i disputed them yesterday and today my credit score dropped 30 points! i have 20k in student loans and experian was reporting this a temp thing or a glimpse of whats to come??thanks for your time

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Re: disputing student loans score dropped

Same thing happend to me but with Equifax. I reported to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and all my loans were removed i gained like 15 points at first. then they put back some of my loans the closed ones and  I lost 2 points. Have no idea if they will add the other 2 back I need the tradelines to get a fha loan, it has only been over 45days.

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Re: disputing student loans score dropped

oh no! i have a similar issue! i have a student loan showing it's in collections still but it was closed out over two years ago. i was able to get a letter from D of Ed to say it was a closed account... am trying to get them to delete... but i sent the letter saying the account was closed to the reporting bureaus. so far i've seen one report drop 1 point saying the line is in dispute.


i can't not afford a drop that big! eek!


can you share how you went about disputing via the CFPB?

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Re: disputing student loans score dropped

While in dispute there are certain aspects of an OC's TL that are excluded.  One is being the AAoA which is the likely culprit of your drop.

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