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reporting twice!

Can a debt be reported twice on reports? For example the state of Florida at one time was reporting a past due balance on my child support which is currently at zero. I moved to the state of Indiana and got everything transferred over here now today I get a letter in the mail stating that the state of Indiana will now begin the reporting of my child support. Can they do this even though Florida is reporting it?
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Re: reporting twice!

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Multiple reporting of derogatory information on the same debt is both proper and common.

OCs report derogs that occur under their account.  If referred or sold to a debt collector, the deb collector(s) can additionally report, even though their actions were based on the same debt.  If a judgment is later obtained, additional reporting of that fact can be added.  The commonality of the same debt does not prevent the reporting of multiple derogs that occur along the road to obtaining its payment.


Owing child support collectible in one state, with subsequent shifting of the obligation by moving to a new state, similarly results in two parties having authority to report your obligation on the debt.


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Re: reporting twice!



FICO scoring does not include Child Support tradelines, so there should be no impact on your FICO score at all.

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