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?'s on Chase GW, USAA sec - next steps


?'s on Chase GW, USAA sec - next steps

My first question is simple yet it is embarassing for me. I sent a GW to Chase but cannot find the address I had written down for the life of me. My first letter was a success. Can someone supply me with an address to send another letter to them. Trying to get a 30 day late payment from 2008 out of my report. 


Secondly, I have a USAA Sec Amex with $5000 CL - My largest card -  Feb is when it expires. I do not have any offers for an unsecured for them. October I applied for a Cap one secured card started with $500, added $400 this month and have a 1051 CL. 

This month, I applied to other offers, from chase and AMEX and received cards from them, $300 CL and GOLD NPSL respectively. 


Now, I feel like i am between a rock and a hard place. I want my deposit back from USAA. I have read that they are generous with full members and CLs but I do not want to run the risk of getting a meager CL like I did with Chase. I also do not want to run up my CapOne to the max deposit so I can allow CLIs (if any). So what should I do?

Will closing the account and running the charges I usually carry over my other cards affect my score as my over all availbable credit reports $5000 lower?


Shall I wait till Feb. and apply for a USAA unsecured? (Any recommendations to "easy" and "reasonable" cards would be appreciated) or should I pull the trigger sooner or later. 


I was thinking of renewing the card for another 2 years but I am not sure how that works in terms of penalty fees if i close( and I REALLY would like my moneyz!)


Thank you

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