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should i get another CC?

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should i get another CC?

As some of you know I'm trying to boost my score 15 more pnts to qualify for usda mortgage here are my FICOS from 6/11  TU 702 EX 625 EQ 619


The only TL's have are 3 Sallie Mae loans and 1 secured CC with $300 limit (currently at 9%) that I opened in March. I stupidly chose a card that only reports to TU and EX not realizing they didnt report to EQ at the time. So now i'm watching my TU and EX climb at a decent rate for 3 months while EQ drags along. Would opening another secured CC that does report to EQ hurt me with TU and EX?


I have 18 years of avg credit history with a BK and FC 3 1/2 years old. I also have 90+ late payments on the sallie that wil become age past 12 months in July, would the full year on late's have any kind of impact?


Thank you all so much again, your help has been invaluable and I can finaly see the light at the end of the tunnel!! This forum is the best!



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Re: should i get another CC?

You need another one.  Find one that reports to all three.  Everthing that ive read is 2-3 (some say 4) cards is best for raising scores.  Yes, it will hit your AAoA but the fact that you have 0 cards reporting to the other CRA, in my opinion, is worse and worth taking the hit to AAoA.  With your scores you should be able to get a decent unsecured card.  Check which one pulls which CRA and match that up with your current needs.


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Re: should i get another CC?

For a fee you can have a tradeline added to yyour report. Call and see if you can do this first.

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