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stuck on what to do

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stuck on what to do

Transunion 606 Fico

Equifax 601 Fico

Experian 643 Fako


I have been at this credit thing for a long 9 months and I have raised my scores almost 100 points each. However now I'm stuck and it's not budging anymore. I wnat to buy a house and while in communication with a LO she said she only needed 580 for BofA FHA loan to let her pull me and she can help me see where we are at. I did the prequalify on Oct 25th. Apprantly LO culdn't pull it up so she did another hard pull on Nov 7th. She asked me a few questions and said she would put together my file. I haven't heard from her since, not even a reply to what is my lender pulled credit scores. Zip, Zelch, Nada. so I contacted another lender who said she could help me if my middle score was at least 640, if I can get it to a 680 I can do a pre paid PMI and ask seller to pay. So now I'm on a mission again to raise scores. I've ran out of ideals.


Here is my summary,


I have two credit cards. Capital one, $5 balance, $500 credit limit, never late, opened March 2008. Target, $200 limit, $0 balance, opened Jul 07.


I have 8 paid loans from thru the years, never late.


No mortgages ever. No current auto loans.


One Judgement, Jul 2010. Midland (imagine) Paid


One collection on all three reports that is to be deleted. From Mar 2012, I have been fighting this for a long time and after a BBB complaint, Consumer Adjustment is finally stating that I am telling the truth and will delete this record as I had paid it prior to it being sent to collections.


I have anywhere from 3 to 5 collections on my CR's. All are paid on Transunion, (1 is to be deleted) and 3 are not showing up as paid on Equifax. I tried to HIPAA dispute two GLA accounts for verification, they sent me a letter stating that my HIPAA letter was a cease communication letter, what?, and that they have verified that it was me who the debt belonged to. That was it, no verification not even the name of OC. This is a 6 year old bill I have been trying to get information on for many years. The other GLA account i paid at OC and never received statement from CA. I paid OC in Jan 2011 and in Jan 2011 CA reported the account as new and paid. No verification ever. The Hipaa dispute for this medical bill just generated a letter that they would mark me as paid. No verification and it was already paid.


The other collection on Equifax is Calvery. Paid but not showing. It shows paid on Trans. They refused PFD so I thought I would try the pay and dispute or pay and GW. No response.


Another collection on Equifax is Advanced Recovery for Wabash County. They are shady. I never received anything from them. I sent them letter after letter asking for verification, PFD, no response until a couple of months ago. They sent a letter stating that Wabash County Hospital was offering relief from this debt if I qualified, I immediatly called. I was informed that WCH is no longer offering relief, what I just received this!! So I asked about  a settlement, I was told WCH does not settle. So I asked him about a PFD, he hung up on me. That made me a little mad so I sent that CA letter to WCH with a check stating i was paying them because the CA clearly stated that it was WCH making all the decisions. They sent my check throught electroncially but the CA on my CR is still not marked paid.


I had a late payment last dec on a loan, forgot due to a death in the family. Sent GW, no response.


I have 4 charge offs from 4-5 years ago. I had some medical issues, fiance wanted to help and take over bills. Took me a few months to realize he wasn't paying CC's. he took off, left me with 3 kids and a mess. 3 were settled almost immediately, one (HSBC) was sold to Calvery. It is paid.


I have no CC debt to lower. Everything is paid, just not showing. I could be added as an AU but would rather do this on my own. Except for late payment a year ago and Collection account that is to be removed, everything is over 2 years old. Most is 4/5 years old. Hipaa didn't seem to work, they didn't provide any verification just some letters that didn't provide any information. What next? My score is stalled.

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Re: stuck on what to do

Also I had an auto loan through Indiana Finance Co, it was sup-prime loan so payments were really high. I opened it in June of 2007 and it was never late until Fiance left then I was struggling to make payments. I called them, at first they told me just to pay it and they would send me lists on food banks, trustees, and other resources to pay my other bills. I made $30 too much to qualify for assistance at some places. I could pay my bills, they didn't offer assistance just because your car payment was $450 a month. i was so close to paying it off i didn't want to lose it. So i called again, this time I was told to pay $300 a month, and a list of documents to send in and she would process a loan modification. This was in Aug 2010. My loan was due to be paid in Dec 2010, by paying the loan payments lower it extended me out till Feb 2010. In March of 2010, Indiana Finance marked me as paid in full but also gave me a late 30 day for Sept and Oct and late 60 day for Nov and Dec.  OK for Jan, Feb, and March. I couldn't believe it. I called to find out why and was told my loan modification was never processed since I was so close to being paid off.


I sent in GW letters, no response. So finally I tried to dispute this through  two CRA, i didn't know how to do online Equifax dispute at this time. I didn't believe I deserved these as I was paying what i was told to pay and thought she modified my payments. The result was Trans Union and Experian deleted the tradeline. So I decieded not long ago to dispute the Equifax as never late hoping to have lates removed or tradeline deleted as well. This time they verified and updated. Updated to give me 6 negative marks ranging from 30 to 90 days. What????? Can they do that?


I don't have any records of my payments currently to dispute this. Dec will be 2 years. Will this stop hurting me come Jan. or now that they added that 90 day late will this now hurt me for 5 more years????

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Re: stuck on what to do

Welcome to the forums!

I'd suggest reading the following:

Common Abbreviations

Credit Scoring 101 - great for knowing what is in your credit score and to see how your score is impacted.

What Steps Do I Take - great for learning the repair process.

and Example letters - PFDs, GWs, DVs, etc.


Getting the CA to drop will help.


Work on the judgment in getting it removed. It's a recent baddie relatively speaking.


GW the paid CAs.


For GLA, I believe the HIPAA process completely circumvents the CA and any communication with the CA would void out the process, hence using HIPAA as a basis of medical privacy. HIPAA process also involves paying the OC first. If paid, send a GW. If unpaid, I personally would DV the CA and if they verify, send a PFD.


Keep sending GWs to Calvary.


For the hospital, call the OC and ask them to pull the debt from the CA. Keep trying. Or start with the HIPAA process if payment was sent to the OC.


Keep sending GWs to the late.


Keep sending GWs to the older debts.


You can easily hit into the high 700s with what you have, and time of course, but the baddies are holding you back. You can be added as an AU but it won't take you too far without removing the baddies first.


The lates are normal during a loan mod. They appear because you are paying less than the org. contract amount which makes it technically late. Loan modifications are a score killer but necessary to the alternative I guess. Send GWs.


Most of your work is stamps, ink, and lots of letter writing. Be persistent and it'll pay off.





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Re: stuck on what to do

For GLA, I have been trying to get  verfication for over a year with absoulutly no response until I sent the HIPAA letter Certified Registered mail. They then sent me two letters, one for each account.


For the paid account, keep in mind this account was paid to OC at apprantly the exact same time they sent it to collections, they told me they would mark my CR's as paid. Which means nothing because this account has been marked as paid since it appeared on my credit report. I paid OC in Jan 2010 they reported me in Jan 2010. I asked for verfication that the debt belonged to them, i have never gotten this. The HIPAA dispute sent requested names, addresses, blah blah blah, they didn't send any of what was requested.


For the unpaid GLA account. I sent a check to OC, its never been cashied or returned to me. I sent the unpaid bill HIPAA letter asking for verfication. I'm still not even sure what this bill is for. They sent me a letter stating they contacted OC and have determined that they believe I am the person responsible for this bill. That's no. No verfication for what it was, no bill, no signed statement stating  I would pay, nothing.


They won't send me verfication! Should I now send these letters CRA and say they haven't verified. I don't know what to do. I don't even have an account number on the unpaid $90 bill that is 6 years old. I've also offered a PFD on this several times, no response.

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Re: stuck on what to do

Under the HIPAA process, as I understand it and encourage others to post otherwise if I'm wrong, but nothing at all is to go to the CA. You aren't allowed to communicate with the CA if using the HIPAA process. Sending anything to the CA would void out HIPAA because the premise is that your medical privacy is at stake and they aren't allowed have it or talk to you about it or report (which, IMO, is baloney after reading HIPAA). I'm not a fan of the HIPAA process at all as you can tell. But in following the process, the only communication made is between you and the CRA and you and the OC...never you and the CA.


The only thing that legally can call for verification is a request via a DV letter to the CA using the FDCPA (see Sect 809). You can also go the direct dispute route via the FCRA in asking for verification. Both of these would void out the HIPAA process of course because it means communicating with the CA. In both cases, the CA doesn't need to provide you with statement copies. Even if you sent a DV, the CA doesn't have to send out OC statement copies. You can ask for it and some provide it, but they don't have to respond to a DV that wasn't sent within 30 days of the initial collection activity.


If I had what you had, I would start with a GW to the paid CA. Probably before sending the GW, I'd re-attempt with a PFD to the CA because they are the same. At the same time, I'd call the OC back and again bugging them to pull the debt back in exchange for a payment. Or if you don't agree with the debt due to a lack of info, I would bug the OC for info on the $90. ETA...and if that failed after many attempts, then I'd do a direct dispute with the CA. I'll reserve comment on that process for others.



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Re: stuck on what to do

It was my understanding from following Why Chat's Hipaa process you had CRA validate debt, then you contacted CA to get a confirmed connection between them and OC, then you contacted OC.


GW letter to Applied must have worked they are no longer on my TransUnion report. Also Cosumer Adjustment has deleted their account. YIPEE. Credit scores are now 618 for TransUnion and 614 for Equifax.


Calvery is only 1 year and 9 months old. Has anyone had success in GW to them?



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