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Can I convince him to care for his credit again??

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Re: Can I convince him to care for his credit again??

Hi, OP the dialogue has changed a bit since I first saw your post. I just want to make some comments:


1. Your husband may care about his credit especially since he worked hard to build it but his plate may just be full right now taking care of his family. I was in a similar situation after a divorce. My good credit tanked and I didn't even want to know my credit scores or do anything about them, I just focused on taking care of my children as my major priority. As things ease a bit, it may get better.


2. You should be searching the myFico forum for "Discover PFD" or  "Discover PFD success" or head over to the Rebuilding forum to get some sense of other people's experience with Discover. You might also want to search or get advice for the specific collection companies you're dealing with in the Rebuilding forum. I lived in that forum when I was finally trying to rebuild and it really helped me clean up my credit.


3. You might try to search sites that are specific to stay at home Mom's (or even retirees) for opportunities to earn a little cash. I've checked a couple of these sites for my unemployed sister and she did find opportunities. You won't get rich but it's some money to add to the pot.


Anyway, I hope this is a bit helpful and good luck with your family. 


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Re: Can I convince him to care for his credit again??

: I understand what you are getting at. Trust me, I was searching for a job by the time our first son was only a few months old, because I didn't want this kind of thing to happen. But he'd rather have me at home raising the kids and have us to come home to rather than to have us both working and have the kids with a stranger, essentially. He convinced me to stop looking. I've brought up getting a part-time job like I had before, about once a month or so, when the subject isn't so hot. He doesn't want me to work. I would like to convince him otherwise, though. I've been trying. I'd LOVE to have a job and work full-time like him, and I'm certainly capable of it. I would have worked full time before, but because of my job, working full time meant that we hardly got to see each other. So we negotiated a way to keep my daughter (We hadn't had our first son yet) and ourselves happy. That's our main priority, keeping our family close. If he would let me get a job, I'd work myself ragged trying to keep us comfortable. But right now I'm also pregnant, and I doubt anyone will hire me since I'll be taking time off right after being hired. Smiley Sad


: I've been doing a LOT of research in that forum. Guess this is another venture I need to take again.And yes, that makes sense. He tends to not talk about the stuff that stresses him out, builds it up, then it all comes out at once in one way or another. The thing is, we had a nice tax refund and were perfectly comfortable for a while, and even though he paid off his loan with part of it and got some stuff for the kids, there are still other things that would have been better to spend money on. :/ I'm not going to go into detail on that, but let's just say that he ddin't pay attention to his bank account. I've recently started trying to make money online through affiliate marketing, since that's something I CAN do at home. I decided if I can't make enough to supplement his income by next year, I'll go searching for a regular job. And I've told him that recently, after a talk about me getting a job sometime after our 2nd son is born. (Most likely born a month early, maybe a Fourth of July baby, so some time during the holiday season or at the beginning of the year, depending on how childcare hunts go.)

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Re: Can I convince him to care for his credit again??


I work in a hospital and I have met several people in this same situation. I better go before I say something that may seem rude.



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