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Changing LastName After Getting Married,

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Changing LastName After Getting Married,


My case is very complicated, but I will try to explain as much as possible!

My wife's credit was maxed out from her father  while she was with me in Europe, since he was trying to open businesses without her authorization, ofc trusting your father is no sin, but he had her ssn and playdrize her signature, so he can get loans and business since the Business was as a joint account.

But being in Europe with me for 3 years, he put her in debt for 60k. And now we came in USA, for 3 years I have good score , but her score is not so good.

She changed her last name to Mine, i have heard/read that after getting married changing last name, there is possible chance that her past credit debt would be clean if she changes her last name on SSN/Passport.

How true is that, or is there anybody can recommend me anything regards to this dumb situation that i am at! except getting lawyer and putting my father in law in jail for the credit abusement he did to her child!?


Please advice me.

Thank You

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Re: Changing LastName After Getting Married,

Changing last name will not change anything as far as her debt or credit obligations.


Many woman change their last name when they get married, and has no impact on your credit. Changing your name means you change your SS# name, Passport Name, Drivers License Name, etc etc...


All this does is add an alias name to your wifes credit reports. All the debt, good credit and bad credit will still be there.


Your wife would have to persue legal action against her father, and would be best to discuss with an Attorney.

Good Luck
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