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Credit Score and Dating....

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Re: Credit Score and Dating....

I'd never had the nerve to ask what someone's credit score is on the first date. Or the second. Maybe the third one does the trick...

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Re: Credit Score and Dating....

I honestly don't see the correlation between credit score and dating myself.


I mean having a good credit is obviously a plus, but not having credit isn't that bad either.

For instance, someone who insists on paying using debit/cash and pays for everything (car, house etc) using cash, is just not going to have a good credit score, simply because he has no credit history. Does this mean he's unqualified? Not at all. In fact in my opinion it's a big plus. 

Some people don 't see the need to use credit cards nor take up loans because they simply don't need it, don't want to pay huge amounts in interests and fees, or know they might not be disciplined enough to not get themselves into a sea of debt, so they avoid it.


Even if someone had a BK or late payment or CA on his records, that doesn't mean that person is unqualified. If it's just a late payment, maybe he forgot? things happen, and not the first thing that comes to everyone's mind is to pay for that $15 macys credit card bill for the 1 item he bought. Maybe he's an entreprenuer, and his first startup didn't work out so well that resulted in a BK, but he's doing well again now. Who knows.


And of course, there's always those with bad history because they screwed up their finances at one point in their lives. Maybe they didn't know better back then? I would put myself in this category. I didn't know a $0.92 late payment was going to drop my credit score into oblivion when I was 18. Of course I learned my lesson the hard way. Some people mature, some don't. Hopefully they do.


I think its unfair to write someone off the books just because of a credit score. You really need to find out more about what happened than to just look at the surface Smiley Tongue 


Irrelevant: I think a criminal history report is probably a lot more necessary. 


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Re: Credit Score and Dating....

As long as she has no cc debt then its ok. Im a very honest and curious person so i do ask questions. If i see the girl has a VS card ill ask her whats her CL and how much shes owes. Ive met girls who have their VS cards over the limit and just pay minimun.
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Re: Credit Score and Dating....

eviLution wrote:

I really don't look for much in a girl. She just needs to be a part of NFCU so I can join too!

Smiley Very Happy I can't stop laughing.

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Re: Credit Score and Dating....

Don't judge a book by it's cover instead judge it by its credit score lol. I don't see an issue with not wanting to date a person because there credit sucks.
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Re: Credit Score and Dating....

In my opinion, I think the more important thing is to understand why their credit is bad.  If they are just irresponsible and not attempting to imporve then there is a problem.  If they fell on bad times (layoff or medical expenses) to me this is a different story.  I think a lot of the people on this forum didn't join with an 750+ score, I know I didn't.  When I met my wife, my score was 535, but it was due to layoffs which equaled unpaid bills and charge offs.  She didn't hesitate because she saw me for the person I was and loved me for that.  Now, that my credit profile has improved (signifcantly) it makes things easier but the relationship itself was just as good then as it is now.  I personally know really good people that may not have the best credit (especially given the recession the country just went through), they are still more outstanding people than others I know with outstanding credit.  Money is a factor, but it is not everything.  Not saying don't be smart, just saying find out the details...othewise it's somewhat shallow.

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Re: Credit Score and Dating....

I've seen websites for dating.  Cougars, christians, even farmers, etc.  Guess I could be a moderator on a new dating site.


myFICO matchup.  A place for people to meet their financial mates!


hmm,,  might have something there. 

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Re: Credit Score and Dating....

What's actually kinda funny about this topic is that I had wondered about my old lady's credit situation when we started dating.

She knew I was OCD about mine, but never really voiced any input, or commentary about her own.

I broke the ice by introducing her to this website, and another commonly known for fakos...

So now it's a competition, of sorts, and I help her as humanly possible, as her silence in the beginning was the big indicator.

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Re: Credit Score and Dating....

IMHO, I think it matters what age your are. I think alot of people mess up their credit when they are younger so if you are in your 20's and like a guy/girl that says their credit is not so good, then I would find out more about what happened and watch to see if time goes on, it get's better. I am a female in my mid 30's so if I was dating, I would want someone that has matured financially and be on the same path as myself of better. My husband had good credit in the beginning and then he let it go to you know where in a hand basket! So sometimes it's hard to tell how a person will be. When I was first married we had the old school way of thinking that we should put all our money together in banking and such. It was fine for a while but now, I like things to be seperate because I have worked very hard on my credit and he could care less about causes ALOT of problems!

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Re: Credit Score and Dating....

That's exactly what I'm talking about snowkitty.

If the person doesn't care about their credit, they will eventually drag you into ruining yours.

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