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Re: Did myFICO ruin my relationship?

capitalkid wrote:


We dont have any animals, why?  Because they are a financial liability.  even one, if you are a good caregiver, has lots of ongoing expenses that need to be done to maintain the animal in good health.  It is a commitment.  In the future we are going to add a Maine Coon into our family, but thats when we have our ducks in a row.   


I don't see myself picking up someone else's poop for the rest of my life. :smileywink:


Are you living within your means?
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Re: Did myFICO ruin my relationship?

WOW. Just: WOW.


What a post! And all the crazy stories by everyone!


Well - I'm gonna add the opposite kind of story. I WISH someone - anyone - has EVER let me live rent-free so that I could catch up/get my financial act together. I've lived on my own since I was 17 - and have always worked to support myself. I didn't always do a great job, and there some really huge tumbles along the way. I screwed up  royally and spent many many years setting myself straight. I'd always lived on a tight budget - and still do, only now the difference is I know why, what my goal s are, what's important to me. At no point did I receive help from anyone for anything. I studied my Suze Orman, I opened and paid bills as they came, I rehabbed student loans, I gw'd what I could, I kept paying everything even when I was unemployed for a year - even 2 liens from the IRS!!  moved across the country to take a job I wasn't into in a place I didnt like; I haven't had a vacation in 5 years, I do my own mani/pedis, cut my own hair, cook my own food,  dont wear designer clothes or bags and always budget clothing and make-up, etc (you know- girly expenses) but am known to be a well-coiffed, well-dressed woman, btw; don't go out, dont go to gyms (hikes with my dog in redwood forests is free!), I got rid of my iphone for a $60 smart phone and switched to a $45/mo pay-as-you-go phone plan; and i NEVER buy coffee or smoothies, lol. I live on a budget and pay my bills: and I am happy.


I am now looking at homes/applying for a mortgage in a bat-sh#t crazy seller's market, where folks are offering $100-$400k above asking (which is already well over actual worth of homes). And guess what my *mortgage broker* called me? CONSERVATIVE!! Imagine! LOL! Yep - and I'm proud of that. I have to be. I'm a single-income household: it's just me out here - and no one has ever helped me or given me anything, ever.




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