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Re: Neighbor I Barely Know Asked For $5k Loan! What?????

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lowkeyorca wrote:


This would unsettle me so much. I hope he leaves you alone in general.

Thank you for your very kind sentiment. I'm trying to see the rainbows and unicorns in this. Of course, my preference is to have him shuffle off to Buffalo. But I'm hoping he'll leave me alone now that he's already lost his house. I mean, not even local social services agencies would pony up a $3k rent voucher if/when he goes even just one month into arrears, (that amount would be considered a luxury as it could pay for 6-months apartment rent). One way or another, I'm feeling he's done for. So I'll take that for now.


Thank you all for holding my hand through these strange happenings.


ETA: corrected spelling.

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Re: Neighbor I Barely Know Asked For $5k Loan! What?????

LadyAng wrote:

A neighbor 3 doors down left a note in my mailbox to give him a call. DH and I only know he and hie wife to wave at them, although DH did lend him a handtool years ago, which he had to go ask for as it wasn't returned promptly. (DH was working on his Honey-Do list when the neighbor was walking past.)


The note was addressed to me call. I did, expecting something innocuously neighborly. He asked if I could meet him at a nearby Starbucks next morning. (I'm in real estate, so figured it was about business and thought nothing of it.)


But after small talk, the guy sheepishly says, "I hate to ask this, but my wife and I are about to lose our house." He says it's ue to him having lost 2 businesses and fallen on hard times in the past 3 years or so. Bank that holds the HELOC is foreclosing on Tuesday...yes, Nov 1...unless he comes up with the arrears. He says they've got everything but $4,600.


Listen to this. "Would you help me out here?" He even proceeds to suggest ways I can use my finances to achieve this, like getting a cashadvance on my credit cards. Nevermind even asking if I HAVE credit cards!!!! At any rate, I'd never take a cash advance with that instant 25% interest rate, plus the red flags it would send off to my creditors. 


I'm intrigued to see how far he's going to go with this affrontery, so I sit on my hands, all the while thinking, "I don't even know these people except to wave in the streets at!" So, don't worry, little does he know, there's no danger of me handing offer even reimbursement for the coffee. But he says taking it from my retirement accounts like IRA, 401k, etc would take too long, so that's not an option for me.


I keep my cool and say how sorry I am they're in such dire straits, but aren't his 3 daughters a)a financial consultant, b)a teacher, c)social worker recently married to an attorney. What abotu your religious community, friend, know... people whose last name you actually know. Oddly, I couldn't even recall his until I looked it up later. I must have made a dozen or more suggestions of how he might postpone, delay, avoid, the foreclosure, but remarkably, he had an excuse for why none of those would work, (already tried that, can't get a credit card because he'd already filed BK 4 years ago, can't get an auto title loan because the car's only worth $2k, on and on and on...)


He says, although they can't pay me back in 2 months, they'd be happy to pay back any interest charges I'd incur. (No mention of any extra interest I'd charge them for my troubles. And no offer to put anything in writing. Nope. Just can I follow you to the nearest bank so you can do a cash advance, or take money out of your regular savings???


Funnily, I don't even recall how I ended this because I was dying to get away to laugh away my outrage!


An hour or so later I'd stopped in a store to pick up some shopping and he called again! Said he and wifey had taken one suggestion and she asked CapOne for an increase on her $500 limit. INSTANT Denial, so he didn't even bother to apply for a card for himself with them. No doubt she's maxed out, been late, etc. But as son-in-law is providing free legal advice, he'd supposedly made a call to the mortgagee who, impressed with the funds they've already raised--no idea what the total amount was--lowered the remaining amount they'd take to $2,300. I say that's good news, I'm sure you'll think of some way to meet that gap by close of business Monday.


INSERT LONG PREGNANT PAUSE HERE....................."So, can you help us with the $2,300 now?????"


W-T [absolute]-F?!?!?!?!


And once again, I hear myself saying: "no, I'm sorry. I hope it all works out for you. Goodbye."


Flabberghasted. I'm curious as to why he targetedt me, and how deep this all goes. So I got onto PACER this morning, (account still works) and dug into his--what turned out to be 4 (four) BK filings between him, and wifey since 2009 (GLOBAL meltdown). They've filed BK7 and BK13, singularly and jointed, all of which were dismissed as recently as July 2016, except the first BK7 of his. Reason? Missed payments to the Trustee...AND the LAWYERS, none of who were his son-in-law.


I tell you, it was fascinating reading! He'd apparently screwed a doctor friend out of $28k. Doctor sued, received judgment, then they tried to include the judgment in the most recent filing, doctor has since died, but his estate still holds the debt.


He also wiped otu the $3k debt a friend gave him to buy the Honda beater in 2010. Friend hired attorney to represent him in that filing, but even though he had signed documentation, (charging 0%, btw), Neighbor and wifey, declared that the car was destroyed in a wreck so they no longer owed for it. I must have missed something because the court did discharge this debt, allowing him to screw his friend out of the loan and the cost of hiring an attorney. Phew!


They claim to have since gotten jobs and are bringing in some $87k a year, including $36k from the grown daughters, (one 30-ish year old still lives at home.) And contested several of the Trustee's motions to dismiss, claiming "extraordinary expenses" in those particular months. I know for a fact that one of those Extraordinary Expenses was the lavish wedding thrown for the daughter now married to the attorney last year.


I was secretly thinking to myself while sipping coffee with him yesterday morning, that he must have either burned a ton of bridges that he's only able to try to touch up a near-stranger like me for thousands. I was right.


I wonder if they realize that even if they're able to raise the funds, they still won't be able to keep up with next month's/next week's regular mortgage payment, property taxes, arrears payments, living expenses, etc. If indeed imminent foreclosure is a reality, because, I've checked the foreclosure list for Nov 1 and they're home isn't on it, nor has it been in any month in the past year, nor in the upcoming 2 months. I'm certain, it's going into foreclosure soon, but I know he's lying about the Tuesday drop-dead date. Perhaps, to raise money to skip out? Do I have a bulleye on my forehead!!!


Lmao. If he won't pay his friends, his doctor (also his friend and church member), nor the mortgagee, why the heck would he expect me to think he'd pay me. More over, why the heck did he think I was a good bet? I'm truly offended. BFF says it's due to the new car I'm driving that still has dealer plates (dang Texas takes forever to issue permanent plates!)


Curious. While I don't actually wish them ill will, I'm actually rooting for the foreclosure as I'd just as soon not have these [INSERT WHATEVER THE HECK THEY ARE HERE] living 3 doors down from me anymore. I'm offended that he thinks I'm financially savvy and successful enough to have access to funds, even if I have to put myself into debt; yet not savvy enough to simply check the online BK records, etc., AND not knwo better than to at least geet something in writing AND collateralized...for all the good it did his friend to gave him the title loan. Hmmmph!) I've blocked his number but that will only send it direct to voicemail. But it gives me pause that I'll likely run into just walking the dog, or getting the mail.


I can't actually ever even recall lending money to any one, nor even anyone asking me in recent memory. Wow! This was such a "knock me over with a feather and call me Haggy Sue" experience, I've been laughing and fuming about it in equal measure ever since!


Unless you've just won the Powerball lottery, and are feeling EXTREMELY gratuitous, I'd tell this guy he must be outta his effing head to think you'd help him?!

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Re: Neighbor I Barely Know Asked For $5k Loan! What?????

donny10 wrote:


I swear the show walking dead will end as Rick waking up from his coma and it turns out the whole thing was just a dream. WOW.

Ah! Spoilers!


To the OP I hope he does leave you alone I don't know if I'd have to self control to let him be.

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Re: Neighbor I Barely Know Asked For $5k Loan! What?????

Stay tuned for more updates!


How long does a typical eviction take in your town?  Around here, it can be dragged out for 6 months.  Maybe he knows this...and plans to go that route to pay for the wedding while not paying rent?



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Re: Neighbor I Barely Know Asked For $5k Loan! What?????

Wow! What a tale! Mainly commenting to see updates as they come but I do hope CH is out of your neighborhood and life soon.

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