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Re: So depressed about my situation...

To add, 44 is YOUNG! You have a lot to look forward to in the future, and honestly you shouldn't waste it on people who don't value you. It sounds to me like the "800 Club" dude is probably full of it and constantly looks for excuses with everyone he dates to avoid settling down. Sounds like he's the one missing out, so keep on your plan to repair your financial health, make sure you stay physically, mentally, spiritually active, stay positive and enjoy life! There are loads of people all over the place that will make a much better match for you!

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Re: So depressed about my situation...

Thank you everyone for the kind comments and encouragement:smileyhappy: much appreciated!!
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Re: So depressed about my situation...

Hi Pizza!  Let me start out by saying that you don't need that guy or anyone else who doesn't value you beyond your credit score.  You deserve so much better than that!  Remember YOU are the prize!  A woman should NEVER chase a man, he should be the one going after you. Focus on getting yourself together and the RIGHT man for you will find you.  Love yourself enough to not get hung up on someone who could really care less. It's never too late to start a NEW beginning!!! :smileyhappy:

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Re: So depressed about my situation...

I'm sorry you're having to go through this piza, but I agree with everyone else who says move on.  Its his problem, not yours.  You are wonderful as you are and a credit score just doesn't identify who you are.

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Re: So depressed about my situation...

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He's being a douch3. you deserve someone better

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Re: So depressed about my situation...

Okay his statement is ridiculous and you've already been advised of that.  Based on , he's stating he'll only marry someone who's in the top 17% of credit users.  Does he also have the same high standards for IQ and income?  


Is he in the top 17% of categories for which he can be rated? Of course not.  It's obvious by his statement that he's a bit short when it comes to logic and reason.  Having said all that, don't stay with someone who goes out of their way to make you feel like there is something wrong with you, you're not good enough, or everything is your fault.  That's the first step of an abusive personality.  On the plus side, he may just be a jerk instead of someone trying to tear you down, before they really work on you, but why wait to find out.  Neither is a good situation and his statement is asinine.


Sorry.  I shouldn't call him names so let's end with I don't think he's a nice guy and you can do so much better.

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Re: So depressed about my situation...

I'd rather sit home on Sat. evenings BY MYSELF, than be with a guy who is a dou***bag.  Don't you DESERVE better?  Believe in yourself!!!


Something tells me that he 'isn't that guy' who will commit to you, love you for yourself, and be passionate about building a future TOGETHER. 


Move on and watch Dexter.  He's way cooler.

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