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Suze Orman's Advice

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Suze Orman's Advice

I honestly believe we should start to take some of Suze Orman's advice on rebuilding and maintaining our credit...


When I first heard about Suze Orman, I began to follow her advice and rebuilt my credit.  However, in Nov 2011, my 700s scores started to fall because of my own undoing!


Well, I am back on board with Suze's advice and I would like to see more postings on what she suggest.


Does Anyone else agrees...

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Re: Suze Orman's Advice

Although I am a fan of Suze's her advice is normally geared toward money management and not so much your credit score. Although I will agree that sound money management principles will lead to a solid credit record the focus on these forums is toward "How do I maximize my score to achieve...".

Best financial advice I ever got: "Just imagine what an adult would do and do that."

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Re: Suze Orman's Advice

I was able to get myself onto the right track in terms of credit and personal finance by following Suze Orman's advice.  I read all her books and watch her TV show and it's made a massive difference.  I'm actually giving a copy of "The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous, and Broke" to my sister as a high school graduation present along with my own personal notes to set her on the right financial path.  

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Re: Suze Orman's Advice

@ Lithium78:  I agree.  Though her books are more geared toward investments, building that nest egg; she does talk about credit. She also talks about the options one can take to pay off debt. 


Honestly, one can't put money into a 401K unless you have money freed up to save for retirement.  In addition, a person can build that Fico Score to 800, but that does not guarantee a mort loan. I know someone who has a score near 800 yet their  income is too low to afford a house or condo, not to mention having a 401K.. 


Also, the best advice I learned from Suze:  Money first, People, then things.


If a person is so focused on getting that High Fico Score; I kinda wonder what type of person they are in the areas of  life that count more than that high Score. 


Hence, I would like to see that person take their score to the grave.  I'm just saying...



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