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Aflac insurance

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Aflac insurance

Anyone have this? Specifically the Hospital Confinement Sickness Idemnity policy.


Is it worth it? Is it a hassle to get them to pay out? Their website says they usually pay within 4 days of the claim.


Any comments/helpful information?


I got a quote on Aflac and it isn't bad, especially since it is direct. My employer only allows us to get the Short Term Disability through Aflac on payroll deduct.



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Re: Aflac insurance

In my experience unless you go to the doctor's a lot.  It's not worth it.  I had a hard time canceling my account.  Even regular visit to the doctor wasn't enough to break even in my situation lol.

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Re: Aflac insurance

I don't have that particular policy but I do have other aflac policies.   They are SUPER easy to work with.   I send in my claim form and usually in less than 2 weeks I have my check in hand.  Several people in my office also have different aflac policies and seem to have had the same experience.  


I would say it would depend on the cost of the policy and the person.  For example I very rarely would have a need for that type of policy but my DH on the other hand is MR. Dangerous.  It would have paid for me to have this policy on him over the last couple of years. Smiley Happy


Hope this helps!!

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Re: Aflac insurance

My daughter had AFLAC and when she had some fibroid tumors removed.  They told her it was an existing condition.  Her doctor went to bat for her and said you're right she was born with them.  AFLAC paid up to the tune of over $2,000.00 for lost wages and hospital stay.  It was worth it in the end.. She had (AFLAC) them for about 8 months before the surgery.
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