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Any one travel to Cuba recently? Trying to figure out how much to budget to spend per day.

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Re: Cuba

1. Why would you want to go to Cuba ? The tourist side of the island is average at best.


Everyone I know who has been has wished they didn't. OVERPRICED and the island is stuck in 1950.


Do yourself a favor and visit another caribbean island.

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Re: Cuba

I recommend Barbados.
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Re: Cuba

Don't listen to anyone that gives you bad information about Cuba. 


It is a BEAUTIFUL PLACE and although it is stuck in the 1950s it is probably the most original place you will go to. I did not think it was overpriced at all, stay in an Air BNB for about $30 a night (and thats a very good air bnb with wifi) its cheaper than trying to stay at a fancy hotel. We brought $700 between us and came back with $300 (saids alot) I am hispanic so no one was able to try to swindle me and raise the prices, but becareful of that happening (it literally happens everywhere even in america)


If you love history and want to go someplace where MANY can not go than you will love it. It is so beautiful, the people are super nice, you might even get a salsa lesson here and there. 


I was pleased with my trip, I think its a great trip and super cheap, super super cheap. We paid $240 round trip from NYC, had a direct flight. Couldn' t ask for anything better. 


GO TO CUBA, I promise you wont regret it 

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