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Do you have debit card/s?

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Re: Do you have debit card/s?

Only debit card I use is Discover, where it rewards 10 cents for each purchase.  I'll use it when a purchase is below $1.

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Re: Do you have debit card/s?

Have chase and BOA debit, but use neither.


100% spend on CC.


That being said, I do carry both daily when I do my morning rides JUST in case I get a flat or something I can't fix and need to call a cab and they don't accept CC's, I can have them swing by a ATM for cash.

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Re: Do you have debit card/s?

I still use my Debit card, priamarly for: 


ATM usage 

Small Card Insight Transactions (i.e where I swipe my own card, or the Cashier does it and the card doesn't leave my sight).



Everything else goes on a Credit Card.  

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Re: Do you have debit card/s?

I only use my debit card to take money out of the ATM once a month.  We've been doing cash only for everything except for bills and at the gas station (use cash back credit card for gas that gets paid off each month) for about 6 months now.  We've been spending a lot less money doing this.  We mostly did this because hubby just spends.  He knows there is always plenty in the bank so he doesn't care.  It took him a couple of months to adjust to it, but he likes it now.  Anything left in the checking account at the end of the month, goes into the savings and we start all over again.

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Re: Do you have debit card/s?

My debit card expired on 11-30-13. I've never activated the new card. Shows how much I use it. 

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Re: Do you have debit card/s?


I still keep my Chase Debit for the ATM access, however, I will be applying for a Sapphire in January.


QUESTION:  Will my new Sapphire card operate just like the Debit card, allowing me to make deposits to my checking account ?

- Or is it a completely different type of account, which would still require me to carry the ATM-Debit card ??





No you cant use your sapphire to deposit into your checking 

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Re: Do you have debit card/s?

I keep my debit card on me just in case I ever have to pull some cash from the ATM. I never use it to pay for anything directly.


I used to be exclusively credit/debit, but having a lot of Japanese friends, I started getting into the habit of carrying at least $20 on me at all times.

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Re: Do you have debit card/s?

I do carry a business debit  but my personal debit card never leaves my sockdrawer

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Re: Do you have debit card/s?

I carry it, but only for emergency cash withdrawals or drive thru ATM deposits. Never use it for transactions. Everyone around me accepts at least Visa & MC CCs.
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Re: Do you have debit card/s?

I only use it to get cash from ATM and deposit at the ATM. I use rewards CCs for all transactions in stores that take CC's. CC's have more protection than debit cards.

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