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Documentary about finances

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Documentary about finances

Found this Video on youtube called Spent: Looking for change... Pretty touching story

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Re: Documentary about finances

Interesting video, but seems the 3 subjects were just really bad at handling finances and made really, really bad decisions. The girl with the purse business never even contemplates getting investors involved and spending 100k in college to make purses was probably not the smartest idea. The young couple could have easily bought a house for cash, no mortgage, but wanted their instant gratification of having the dream house immediately, also I have no idea how none of them can get a regular bank or credit union account somewhere instead of using prepaid cards with excessive fees and for the family with health problems going to payday loans was not a smart idea. Those places are scum, I've never used them but sadly know some who have and they're nothing but legalized loan sharks imo. The lady who quit her job to take of her mother while noble, made no sense without having a 2nd income(no husband/boyfriend is mentioned) and then putting your car up for a title loan was a terrible idea.(again nothing but loan sharks she was dealing with).


At the end though they do subtle mention places like lending club, prosper, etc which I invest heavily in, however those people are not saved by such services because you have to have high scores to get your loan approved, heck I invest a lot of money there and can't get a loan myself from them if I wanted to lol. Alternative baking and lending is the way of the future as they allude to at the end, but if you have horrible credit, you're not getting loans there either.

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Re: Documentary about finances

Thank you for linking that, it was fascinating. After my divorce I had to rebuild, but fortunately I was never as far down as needing to get pay day or title loans. I know a few people who are bankless as well, a few by choice but most because of circumstances. I know one girl who is in ChexSystems, but still managed to get a checking account with PNC. However, she is only allowed to use her debit card for a total of $100 a day. Smiley Surprised A few other people that I know have those debit cards that employers give them, and their money is directly deposited onto it. I have heard relatively decent things about that method, but honestly I cannot fathom life without a bank account.


Either which way, an eye opening documentary of how many live.

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