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Re: Drunk Apping...

Shogun wrote:

Duncanrr wrote:

*raises one hand, slowly*

Seriously?  Just one hand?   And slowly?   HaHa!!!

This thread warms my drapping heart!

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Re: Drunk Apping...

Too Funny!!!!! No I havent drunk apped but I did drunk cli spreed!!! 

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Re: Drunk Apping...

I've had a few of my best denial's and epic recons on the Drap tip....... :smileyvery-happy:

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Re: Drunk Apping...

Why not?  Spent  a good part of my recovery from my first back surgery (on pain meds) buying stuff from EBAY....joked when I had my second back surgery I was going to sell it all back...didn't though.

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Re: Drunk Apping...

I am also guilty :s my weakness is the "Apply for a card" button :smileysad: Must NOT click!!!!
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Re: Drunk Apping...

I wasn't drunk, but I was stoned.  I went online to order another charger for my HP laptop.  Stupid me went on the Dell website, from my HP laptop no less, and applied for a line of credit.  I got it--$3500, but then realized my mistake and I was kinda stuck.  Fortunately (or unfortunately), my HP went kaput not long later after and I used my line of credit to buy a Dell.  Gives a different meaning to the whole, "Dude, you're gettin' a Dell."  Dude, indeed.

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Re: Drunk Apping...

Hahaha I will never hear that line the same again. Dude...
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Re: Drunk Apping...

Too funny!! LOL

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Re: Drunk Apping...

I make it a point never to drink and drive, OR get on the internet.  Too much risk

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Re: Drunk Apping...

Lol! Drapping. Awesome.

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