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Re: Hello Old Friends

I'm fairly new here but I have learned a lot. Hats off to you, ByrdMan and the other 'ol timers' on this thread!

Welcome back! 😊
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Re: Hello Old Friends

3 cheers to the old timers! Great to see some are still in the house from time to time! Have missed seeing ya'll post in recent years. Be well and prosper.

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Re: Hello Old Friends

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I have come and gone on this forum for 6 years... It is one of my oldest forums. I take long sabbiticals, and then I come back, but as you can tell by my join date and number of posts I prefer to lurk. :smileyhappy: So many old faces! 

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Re: Hello Old Friends

Oh, wow! How nice to see posts from THIS group! I too, have mostly been a lurker. When I first stumbled on the forums I was pretty overwhelmed and clueless. While still nowhere near an expert, I've learned so much from all of you! I would read for hours in just about every free moment. After awhile, I was able to determine who had the most experience and wisdom.  And this was the group!  Nice to see you all back!

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Re: Hello Old Friends

Where is de avatar?  :smileyvery-happy:


And welcome back from an oldtimer who is a month shy of his 7th birthday on this board  :smileyhappy:

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Re: Hello Old Friends

Much like Barbaralee....this is one of my oldest forums as well.  So many great people & so much great information.  Like the wayward child...I always come back home!!

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Re: Hello Old Friends

I've been registered here a while.. more of a lurker and have become more active lately. It's so nice to see older registered posters coming back, I do hope that it's for a longer period of time than just a thread. :smileywink: I've learned a great deal from this forum and I hope that it will be part of my life moving forward as well.
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Re: Hello Old Friends

I guess I missed the party.:smileyindifferent:

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Re: Hello Old Friends


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Re: Hello Old Friends

I'm a "newbie" to myfico forums, but I cannot believe the info and tips I've picked up already from my reading.  Great teaching on these boards.  Planning on spending as much time as I can. Thank all of you "in advance".:smileyhappy:

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