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Hopefully the last of my rent deposit saga :(

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Hopefully the last of my rent deposit saga :(

Finally got a letter from the landlady's attorney with all kinds of bogus claims (I do keep records) and threats to counter-sue (baseless).  To be honest, I'm just tired of it all. My mother is touch and go, I've got drama at work, I have a 16yo with a variety of chronic health issues that just keep piling up.  I decided to put through the $400 check she did send me and leave the rest up to God, Universe, Karma and let it go.  I'm waiting on pins and needles to see if the check actually clears (I wouldn't put it past her to put a stop payment on it), but if it doesn't I'm OK with that, too at this point. I have very little energy left to put toward someone else's failings.


I am learning on this credit/finance journey that there are times that you just have to let it go. Stop watching the score and do your best.

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Re: Hopefully the last of my rent deposit saga :(

Your thread is EXACTLY why some things are best not bothered with.  You have to put your energies toward the greater good, and that's focusing on your mom and your childs health.  There is nothing more important than our health, physical or mental.


I hope this check clears and you move forward!  I had a strange thing happen to me once:  My sister owed me $200, I knew she couldn't pay it so I decided to call her and tell her no repayment was necessary.  I stopped @ Goodwill and looked through their 45's.  I found two old Beatles and ended up selling them for......$230, after fees etc I cleared.....$200!  Smiley Very Happy 

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Re: Hopefully the last of my rent deposit saga :(

I am really sorry that you feel the need to stop chasing the money.  I understand completely.


As a landlord, I really hope that I never have a tenant that feels like you do.  Lol - I did have one that threw a temper tantrum and even had her attny try to strong arm me into refunding her deposit....  she was evicted, and had trashed the place.  And I do mean she destroyed the place.   To the tune of 252k of damage.  (She was very angry that I had the courage to evict her.)  I sent her attny copies of the repair estimates.  She confirmed that she had done the damage.  The attny dropped her as a client.  


My current tenants want me to dip into the deposit to buy them a new stand alone freezer (becuase the one year freezer uses too much energy), buy them a new fridge (becuase one [it's two years old] isn't enough, and stuff like that.  I have to continually remind them that the law says I can NOT touch the deposit and they can NOT use it for rent.  They will still need to give 30 days notice and still pay the last month's rent.  


I do know they will probably not get the deposit back due to property damage.  I keep encouraging them to pay for the things they have broken (now) so they can get the 

deposit back.  


I'd like to think that if I was your landlord, we could have worked things out.

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Re: Hopefully the last of my rent deposit saga :(

Yeah. I do have one rental property and I like to treat the tenants like I would like to be treated. I hope that goes a long way in keeping things civil. I hope the best for you. 

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