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How Many Credit Cards do you bring with you at all time?

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What's In Your Wallet?

I know this has been done multiple times, but given the changing landscape (introduction of CSR, higher than usual SPG bonus, Prestige changes, changes to Amex Plat etc.) I thought it might provide a healthy discussion as well as maybe shed some light on the cards we thought we wanted or need to get rid of.

Currently I carry:
- CSR: dining and travel (not gas, excludes Marriott/SPG stays)
- TY Premier: gas, entertainment (I'm partial to Qatar airways)
- SPG: general spend, Marriott/SPG stays
- Amex Plat: some flights, lounge access, warranty protection
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Re: What's In Your Wallet?

Amex PRG
Amex BCE
Chase United Mileage Explorer
Chase Amazon
BoFA 321
American Express PRG__American Express BCE__Chase Amazon__Chase United TravelBank___American Express Everyday

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Re: What's In Your Wallet?

1.  Credit Union Debit Card

2.  First National Bank of Omaha (2% Cashback Visa)
3). Bank of the West (Cash Back MasterCard)

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Re: What's In Your Wallet?

Lots of useless papers and not enough cashSmiley Wink

Seriously though, if i ever get Navy atomic luv on my new Platinum i may replace my whole wallet and just carry that puppy around,but til then, whatever gets me through the day...could be my Disco for gas, Marvel if i wanna grab a bite, or now my Amex to complete the bonusSmiley Happy

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Re: What's In Your Wallet?

Discover IT for gas bonus


Everything else is confined to my safe because I can't NOT spend. 

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Re: What's In Your Wallet?

Citi DC

Chase Freedom 

BOA Cash Rewards


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Re: What's In Your Wallet?

Wallet holds 6 cards.. A few are always in my wallet..


CSR - dining/bars

Ritz dining/bars

Costco Visa Gas/2% cstco

Amex ED Non Cat Spend if Fidelity isn't in it and daily swiper for 20 swipes a month aka 1.50 sodas or whatever at work daily


The other two slots switch off with


Fidelity Visa - 2%

Discover or Freedom depending - Gas or whatever depending on Cats.. Where the hell is dining this year on either cards?

and various other cards that need a bit of spend here and there - rotaters

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Re: What's In Your Wallet?

What I'm carrying currently:



Discover IT: Gas and Ground Travel 5% category

American Express BlueCash Preferred: 6% Grocceries

BestBuy Store Card: 6% Best Buy Purchases or 12-month 0% APR

JetBlue Plus WEMC:  Everything Else & Travel (2x Travel Miles, 1x Everything Miles)

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Re: What's In Your Wallet?

I usually rotate, but for this month:
Discover IT miles
Chase Freedom
Amex ED
PenFed power cash rewards
--also keep my Target red card stashed in a separate part of my wallet. My target trips tend to be unplanned, so always keep in my wallet.
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Re: What's In Your Wallet?

Discover IT




Costco Visa

Fico 8

EQ 769
TU 757
EX 763
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