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Re: How many credit cards do you have?

I just don't see a need for many cards. I get why some do since they are earning rewards etc, but for me it's just not what I want. I want one more card and then I'm done

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Re: How many credit cards do you have?

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I have 7 but noticing that only 3 are getting regular use.   I'm spending 20-40K a month on the three cards. 


The rest are backup cards in case systems are down, not accepted, or emergency needs. 

So the question becomes, "What's enough for backup?" 


I would say 2 is enough for backup.  That being said that makes 5 as optimal for me. 


Apping for new cards isn't in my future unless apping will net at least $400 in signup bonus.   Otherwise I suspect PCing and AUTO CLIs will be my new best freinds for a long while. 


* I just realized that apping for new AMEX cards can increase your AAoA.

* Reward cards are less meaningful for me unless I can earn at least $200 from spending per month.  This means my Barclays, BOA, and Chase Slate are on in line to be chopped.









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Re: How many credit cards do you have?

JoshNurse wrote:

I just want to see how many credit cards people have and what your current fico score is.

Which FICO?  There isn't just one score.  Or one model.

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Re: How many credit cards do you have?

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JoshNurse wrote:

I just want to see how many credit cards people have and what your current fico score is.



9 Cards

Fico 755

I have 22 credit cards (16 are store cards for the discounts) and the ONLY one that I'm considering letting go of is my Credit One Visa.  According to MyFICO, my Equifax score is currently 632 (Equifax is consistently the lowest of the three which is why I track it). I went on a MAJOR App Spree in March, which is why I'm in the Garden until June 2015.  At that time I'm going for a USAA WMC and AMEX BCE and then I'm DONE. :smileywink:

Last App: 2/16/15
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Re: How many credit cards do you have?

Currently I have 8, all in my sig including my scores, I don't use my amex clear nor Wells Fargo ever. But they are my 2 oldest accounts so I don't wanna close em yet
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Re: How many credit cards do you have?

I currently have the five in my signature. I eventually plan to add one more card in a year or two once I have graduated and am working. The 5% cards (It, Freedom, and Dividend) get swapped in and out of my wallet depending on the bonus categories on each one. My Amex is used for groceries and gas while my Navy Fed card is my primary spend card. The card I eventually plan on getting would be for restaurants and travel.

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Re: How many credit cards do you have?

Honestly way too many... Chase Sapphire Preferred, Amex Gold Premier, Amex BCE, Citi ThankYou Preferred, CapitalOne Journey, American Eagle Visa, Old Navy Visa, Discover IT, A&F store card, AE store card (because they didn't consolidate the two accounts for some reason...), a credit line with BillMeLater, and an Amazon store card. So eight "regular" credit cards and three store cards that I really don't use. 


I have them all because I like them, though. :smileyhappy:

From left to right: NPSL; $10k; $6.2k; $4.5k; $4k; $3.5k; $2.75k; $2.3k
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Re: How many credit cards do you have?

This thread prompted me to count, I currently have 36 (4 are store cards, plus a few co-branded store cards). I had 37, but Jared closed my account this month due to lack of activity.


My scores range from 775 - 814. My AAoA is 5 yrs, with 20 years of history.


I don't get dinged on score for too many CC accounts, but have beent thinking about closing/consoildating a few. Jared was one I was going to close, but they beat me to it, lol.


CC's: AMEX (4), Alliant Visa, PenFed AMEX, Pen Fed Promise, Citi (4), Chase (6), Nordstrom Visa,US Bank Cash+, Huntington Voice, UMB Visa, Nasa FCU Plat Cash Visa, Barclay's Visa, Citi (5), Discover IT, Walmart Discover, Sam's MC, Cabela's Visa, Cap One QS, BOA (2), BMW Visa, Comenity Visa/MC (3), Ebates Visa Siggy, 5/3 RLR MC, DC Premier MC, Macy's AMEX; A few store cards.

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Re: How many credit cards do you have?


TU 794 2/21/15
EX 806 3/5/15
EQ 831 3/27/15
NASA 30K / / Amex 20k / / Chase Freedom 10.6k / / / / / SD'd US Bank Cash+ 20k, LOC 15k
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Re: How many credit cards do you have?

Six open cards:

5 CC's - 1. Amex, 3 VISA, 1 MC

1 charge card - Amex Platinum


2 closed cards:

1 Discover Card

1 BoA


FICO 08 Scores: EQ 850, EX 850, TU 850

Credit Profile -
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