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Re: How young are you?

ternify- wrote:

I'm surprised at how many people younger than 25 are already planning to buy a house! 

Seriously.  I finished school with only about 32k in student loans. I'll be paying 350-400 dollars per month for the next 9 and a half years to get rid of them. I'm almost 24 and I'll be paying those loans off until I'm about 33.  Once I start earning more I guess I can throw down more each month to handle the loans but right now I don't make enough to justify having a mortgage and loan payments.  I only actually started a "real" job within the last few months (making twice that I did before so that helps).


Credit wise, I lucked out when I was younger.  My first card was a Discover Card that I was approved for before any regulations were passed / Discover's policies changed.  I had *no* work history and no job at the time. I was 18 and had less than a year of credit history which only included student loan dispursements (no payements).  I think my initial limit was either $350 or $500.   Something changed in that time because my girlfriend apped for a discover it a few months ago and was denied for "insufficient income" while making a at least some money, having employment history, and a credit history. 



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Re: How young are you?

Ill be 25 on the 30th i ruined my credit by the time i was 20 . Found this forum and started rebuilding in nov 12 . Having two kids i just want to be able to buy a house with some land for them so they will have room to roam around the woods and whatever like I did growing up . And to get away from this ems station that is right by my house that tends to wake my four month old up at 3am.
Also I'm glad there is some many younger people on here learning I wish I would have found this site sooner I've learned a lot . Wish they educated on topics like this in hs it would help a lot of us who had no idea or understanding about how credit scores work.
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Re: How young are you?

I'm 18, got started with the Capital One Journey the week after my birthday. I'll be 19 in 22 days. My cards and acquisition dates are in my signature; as well as my seedling, as I've entered the garden.

Current Cards (Desperately need a photo signature but lack the skills to make one):
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Re: How young are you?

Just turned 20 here


Started building my credit at 16 with a Young Person Visa that is what New Alliance bank called it. The card was specifically aimed at teenagers who wanted to start building credit early. Obviously I needed a co-signer who needed to be approved. Now I have over 10,000 in available credit and Fico scores 760+ across the board 


Current CC Portfolio 



Chase Freedom- 1500

Discover IT- 4000

Chase Sapphire Preferred 5000

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Re: How young are you?

Good to see so many young folks here getting their financial houses, literally and figuratively, in order.  


My drivers license tells me I'm as old as dirt. I assume it's correct.  When I was 21 I was an idiot about money and had the maturity of a three-month old golden retriever.

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Re: How young are you?


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Re: How young are you?

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I'm 23, and I started my journey at 18. My first credit card was through my credit union and had a credit limit of $500. The card had to have a cosigner as well. I still have this card but never use it because you have to mail a check to pay it, and the credit line is still only $500. Four years later, my bank (BB&T) begged me to take their credit card, and I happily obliged. At the time, I didn't know that it would be such a good decision for me, but it turned out to be, since unknowingly to me at the time, the credit union only reported to Equifax, so while my Equifax score was great, my TU and EQ files were non-existant, and BB&T helped me start to build history on all 3 credit files. This year, I have expanded my card collection significantly, and have gotten the rest of the cards in my signature. I'm extremely happy with my progress so far.


I am currently a graduate student getting my Master's in Computer Science. I have around another 1.5 years left.


Goals for me at this time include getting a credit card with a limit over $5000, and hopefully getting a Chase Sapphire late next year if I'm successful getting a card with a CL over $5k. Longer term goals include buying a car (and hopefully getting one of those 0% APR loans).

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