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Leaving Gas Card in the Car = Wise?

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Re: Leaving Gas Card in the Car = Wise?

Wallet was stolen from car.  I would say don't leave valuables in the car. No matter what.

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Re: Leaving Gas Card in the Car = Wise?

Just had one of my cars broken into in my own driveway...I don't leave anything in a car that's not parked in the garage, including the garage door opener.  Used to have a company car, we HAD to leave the Clark Oil credit card above the driver's sunvisor in its little waxy-paper sleeve, because we rotated cars periodically and they didn't want the cards to go missing. 


I have had some real POS cars, and I always wondered if it would entice someone to steal the car if I left a gas card on the dash...worth more for the insurance company to pay out than I could have sold the cars for...

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Re: Leaving Gas Card in the Car = Wise?

lol cincydavid!

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Re: Leaving Gas Card in the Car = Wise?

No problem.  Just let me know when it will be parked and unlocked.


Seriously, I wouldn't do that.  Between getting the car serviced, washed, and sticky fingered passangers - I wouldn't do it.  Also from a FICO score prospective, you don't want the card canceled over this.

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Re: Leaving Gas Card in the Car = Wise?

Do I hear a drop in credit score anyone? seriously never leave anything in your car even in the country your car broken into however if your into leaving stuff in the car why not leave the car door open too? ahaha omg!

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