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Monthly guest q & a

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Re: Monthly guest q & a

AverageJoesCredit wrote:
Lol, CO_NATIVE, you are refering to the famous or infamous First Arkansas Bank & Trust, FBA&T Smiley Happy That was fun times. Wonder if they are still standing after Donny10 got through with themSmiley Happy.

I miss the BBVA Compass Nba craze. That was insane and im so glad that hopefully someone else gets the Nba contract. I know the bank is big but why have you official sponsered card on gotten from a bank that isnt available to the masses was beyond meSmiley Happy

Blispay was huge, to some extent still got a following but once it became unhidden , no cli and lots of verifying issues, it has died down some. The next bandwagon card will be interesting indeedSmiley Happy

Their still standing, after all this time, yeah yeah yeah.


But I certainly made their life (every single board member) lives a living nightmare and did not give up until they removed it. I'm certain a few retired after what I put them though. 


I was truly a flea that made them itch all the way through to their bones. And when they got to the bone, I became even more relentless.

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Re: Monthly guest q & a

Lol, instant myFico legend DonnySmiley Happy They should add Legend to the levels we can achieve here but in order to qualify you must have made an impact on FicolandSmiley Happy
To obtain Credit One Kenobi status upon 0/24 is to Garden Harden!!
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