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New Forums Experience Coming Soon!

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Re: New Forums Experience Coming Soon!

I can't offer up the numbers to prove it, but without the post counts, it seems that there's been a significant decline in messages that say, "Welcome to the forum."

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Re: New Forums Experience Coming Soon!

DontMindMe wrote:

Dalmus wrote:

The desktop site is getting better, I'll give you that.  I still would like to see the number of posts by each person right next to their name, though.


The mobile site is still awful.  I dislike how it now takes 6 lines of text on mobile to see a topic header where it used to take 2... which means when I'm scanning headers I can see 2.5 topics per screen as opposed to the 8ish I used to be able to see at a time, which means it takes I participate less (because I see less) even if I spend the same amount of time browsing.


Agree, the desktop site is much better.  Seeing post count next to usernames is critical in my opinion.  It is a big factor I consider when determining the weight of someone's post.  I've stopped using mobile all together which has resulted in a lot less activity for me.  It's garbage.

Titles sorta give the same information. Atleast ranges of posts.

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Re: W0W! Forum Decor Change

I've been away for a while and no joke at all I'm honestly wearing my sunglasses while browsing this forum.  Non polarized ones of course.  Forum improvements are good, but some constructive criticism I would darken body and the background a couple of shades and add color contrasting in the right places to separate things so all the writing isn't just scrambled together and in your face.  It's difficult to grab information quickly like I used to.  Cheers though.

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Re: New Forums Experience Coming Soon!

Thanks for all the feedback everyone. We're committed to making the forums a good experience. We'll continue to document requests and see if we can make the changes and accommodate. 

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