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New sports bike

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Re: New sports bike


I tested the new Ninjas with abs.  I have a preference for windy roads and felt the Ninja's power and torque made the frame difficult for me to handle on the hairpins, especially accelerating out of turns.  Other than that, it was the most powerful bike I've ever ridden. 


The Ninja is certainly the best looking bike out there!

I agree with you on that one. I'm natively from the Ozark Mountain area. All of our roads are windy and I always felt like I had more trouble with cornering than I should have had on the Ninja. But that's definitely my only complaint. And the 2013s are niiiice! And 2012s.

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Re: New sports bike

I kind of wish my husband had done this instead of subjecting me to MONTHS of "what do you think of this bike? This one? What about this one? In that color? What about this one, but with the handlebars of that one, and do you think these bags would look better?" By the time he got it (2011 fatboy) I was ready to scream. I told him over and over again that as long as the backseat was comfy, and I had a sissy bar, that I could care less.

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Re: New sports bike

We talked less about having kids than we did about this bike purchase. Dead serious.

Starting my rebuild!

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