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Research Paper

Hi myFICO members!


So it's finals week and I have a research paper due in ten days. It is ten pages long and so far I only got the introduction down lol. (2 page intro)

I am doing my research paper on credit cards. :smileyvery-happy:


My format so far is:


I. Introduction (Told a story about my first experience with credit cards)

II. First Body Paragraph

- Topic : History of Credit Cards

-- Sub topic: FICO and Report

III. Second Body Paragraph

- Topic: Economics

-- Subtopic: Credit Card Act of 2009? not sure if this applies to econ.

IV. Third Body Paragraph

- Topic: Statistics?

V. Conclustion


I need at least 8 sources and was hoping that you guys would know some legit sites for info based on my topics.

I can also use direct quotes from you guys. - I found this to be well informed.


Please feel free to leave any comments or share ideas that may be relevent to this subject! Thank you!




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Re: Research Paper

Former English teacher here...20% UTIL in an introduction is too high. I would ding your grade FICO for that! :smileywink:


Intro should be 1/2 page tops (Single paragraph) on a 10pg paper.  It's best to avoid first-person story-telling in a scholarly paper, so if you can edit yours to a 3rd person, that would be better.  Also, watch your sources. Anything non-academic (i.e. MyFICO, Wiki) won't count as a required source. You will need to do some legwork to find books, scholarly articles, etc.  I'm also not sure I would refer to anything done by a pop-culture Suze Orman-type resource.


As for your outline, I'd be tempted to put the Credit Card Act in a 4th section (history leading up to it, process of enactment, consequences), then have a 5th section that provides an indepth summary proving your thesis. Conclusion should be the same as the intro, paragraph bookending the intro to wrap it all up in a neat package.


Sorry I don't have any resources for you off the cuff, but I saw "research paper" and the English teacher in me reared its ugly head. :smileywink:

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Re: Research Paper

Thanks for the reply! I didn't think anyone had it in them to help me lol. Well, as far as the introduction goes your right it was to long. My professor said it was a bit to long, but it was solid so I might shorten that down. Also in his prompt, he wanted the intro to be a personal story while the rest is all research based. I'm still working on it and am down to 5 1/2 pages now. I'll take your advice on the cca of 2009. Thanks!
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Re: Research Paper

I read your post but was unclear what I could contribute to the paper.  If you had specific questions (for me) that might help.



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