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Shareholder meetings

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Shareholder meetings

A newly acquired hobby of mine is attending shareholder meetings. I went to the Apple one this morning, and I went the FICO one earlier this month. The free food is amazingly good at these gatherings, and so I plan on going again.

Do any of you spend your free time this way?

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Re: Shareholder meetings

Can't say that I've attended many shareholder meetings, but I have spent a few days sitting in General District Court watching and learning how the debt collectors go about their business. Lot of default judgments and very few "trials". Generally when a defendant fights back they win either a non-suit or a good settlement. It also helps that I'm not the one in the hot seat (defendant), but if I ever am, the education is priceless.


Oh, and the food generally sucks in the vending machines at the courthouse. 

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