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Totally irritating co-workers...

Does anybody have any? I have a ton of them.  I take great care to keep these folks out of my business because I hear how they talk about each other. Talk about a competition to see who can get the biggest house, the best cars, the most junk, the most wonderful kids. Wow..
Anyway, yesterday a co-worker told me one of my tires was bad, showing "material". Ok, so I went out and checked it and indeed I have one tire that needs to be replaced. I appreciate him alerting me and the rest of the office. So since I am on night shift this week, and a total total crank useless person on night shift, last night I left said Blazer in the garage - since I got paranoid about the thing blowing out. I was fine when I didn't know...but since I knew I left it and drove my car to work.
Well, about 2am one of the guys looked out the window and asked what I drove to work since my Blazer was not in the parking lot. I didn't answer so he again asked if I was driving a little silver car. I told him yes it is my car. I have had this car since the 1st of the year and just never driven it to work. So he proceeds to ask what it is, when I got it and why I didn't tell anybody I had a Volvo...I had to laugh because he asked what it was and then told me it was a Volvo. So I told him I didn't no I had an obligation to tell anybody anything and he got mad attitude and continued to question me. Why haven't you driven it here before? When did you get it again? Why didn't you tell anybody?  I told him because it ain't nobody's business and he looked so offended.
I had a flashback to a couple months ago when another co-worker who usually drives a 1992 Honda to work drove his wife's mini-van to work and got questioned to death. Why didn't you tell anybody you had a brand new mini van?
I guess I shouldn't be surprised, this coming from a guy who tells all. Just last week bought a $6500 jetski, 3 new big screen televisions, new cell phones for the family (4) and a new laptop for the family and is leaving for a two week vacation in Chicago. Also has two mortgages and a wife with no job, a teenager, and a college student. I only know all this cuz he tells all. I know this was long, but it all irritated me. Me and my co-workers ain't that tight that they should expect I tell them anything and he aint the only one, there are at least a dozen of them. Competing for the best houses, the best cars...  Anybody else got co-workers like this? Just venting.
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Re: Totally irritating co-workers...

yep.  i'm fairly new at my job and from what i've heard, there are a lot of tattletales here.  i say mind your own and who cares how much time so and so spends talking to such and such about whatever.
head down, nose clean.  that's my work motto
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Re: Totally irritating co-workers...

Wow.  Why would anyone care that much what you drive?
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Re: Totally irritating co-workers...

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This almost makes me want to dig up Office Space or reruns from The Office.
I do have that one employee that just annoys me. Thankfully, I don't see him at all. But every payday he calls me like clockwork.
We provide services offsite throughout the DC area and have employees work at each site. We also provide a nifty service for them and hand deliver every single paycheck to them on payday rather than mailing them. Well, this one employee calls me every payday up to several times in one day. Today was payday (15th) and right at 9am, I got the first call. "Where's my paycheck? My paycheck isn't here yet! You know the paycheck has to be delivered here early!!!!!" I probably should have caps-ed this because he was SHOUTING. First off, we never promised that we'd be there at a certain time. Next, I created the employment agreement and I included a clause reserving the right to mail the check at any time.
So, today, I had enough. I apologized to him for not delivering the check at the time he was hoping for and that it would never happen again. I continued by saying that I'll mail his future checks to his home so he wouldn't have to anxiously wait for the delivery guy to drop by. I told him he would be in a better position if the checks were delivered there and I concluded by reminding him that all mailed check will go out on payday (2-3 days for USPS to deliver it).  He did an about face and apologized for calling. I bet $5 he'll call next time, though.
Edit due to thought......why was he asking for the check so early. Surely none of our employees would leave their job to cash their paycheck, right?

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Re: Totally irritating co-workers...

I dont know if non-verbal communication (mostly) counts but there's a guy at work we call
"The Ripper". 
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Re: Totally irritating co-workers...

Hey Ilecs ... did you know that Office Space started out as a cartoon filler on Saturday Night Live (It was drawn in a style similar to King of the Hill, if that helps any)?

If you ask me, the cartoon was FAR more hilarious than the movie (but then, I LOVE cartoonies) ... the guy with the stapler issue was the focus and they did it so awesomely funny!!


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Re: Totally irritating co-workers...

llecs - can you offer direct deposit of paychecks?
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Re: Totally irritating co-workers...

masdeocho wrote:
llecs - can you offer direct deposit of paychecks?

No. And we tried to sell that service, but with only a couple of takers, it wasn't cost-effecient enough to go forward with it. We are always trying to get them to focus on the financial future via insurance and 401(k)s but there's hardly any participation. The only popular thing our employess jump on is health insurance. At least they will be healthy.
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Re: Totally irritating co-workers...

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Yep, I work with a bunch of nosy people.  They all check out your clothes, jewelry, handbag, etc.  Why?  I don't know.  Most of these types are on the phone all day long.  These calls are not business calls.  I really don't know how they get their work done.
I stay in my little cube and work.  I don't have the time to gossip about who owns what.  
ETA:  I am not at work now.  I do not myFICO at work. 

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Re: Totally irritating co-workers...

How about people who hum and sing at work? We have an employee that works under headphones because it's so noisy, and she says she can't concentrate. But she sings along, not always in a whisper, and sometimes it's the harmony line instead of the melody, so you can't figure out what she's singing along with. Or if it's instrumental, she hums, and that's even worse.

Oh, no wait, that's me. Smiley Tongue
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