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Wallet in front or back pocket?

I keep my wallet in my front pocket. Which  pocekt do you keep your wallet in?

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Re: Wallet in front or back pocket?

Back right pocket

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Re: Wallet in front or back pocket?

Ewww I cant stand a big ol thick wallet in my front pocket. I carry my cards in a money clip in my front right pocket. I used to carry my wallet in my right back pocket but I stopped due to it being a pain. 

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Re: Wallet in front or back pocket?

Mine i keep my wallet at the back however i am still aware so that my wallet is safe.

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Re: Wallet in front or back pocket?

Font Pocket...just looks and feels weird to have something inside my back pocket when I sit

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Re: Wallet in front or back pocket?

Front pocket sans wallet.


Backpocket I forget about things and tend to sit on them; as a soccer referee, my red card is rather bent in the general curvature of my... well, you know.

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Re: Wallet in front or back pocket?

When I had my money clip, it was front right pocket (I miss it) but now I do back right pocket with my wallet. I'm super anal (no pun intended) about losing my wallet, so I'm always like touching my back pocket to make sure it is there. From a random bystander's opinion it probably looks weird, but oh well. :smileytongue:

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Re: Wallet in front or back pocket?

back right pocket here

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Re: Wallet in front or back pocket?

Front pocket. The only downside is that I have to put my keys in the same pocket, but the upside is that I don't have to sit down on a thick stack of cards.

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Re: Wallet in front or back pocket?

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Front Pocket - I only carry a little cash and a few cards and identification.


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