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Re: Whats your new years resolution? for 2014

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Good thread!


No new apps in 2014


1 HP at mid year to get Discover CL high enough for serious home repair project


Get Discover APR reduced from 11.24 to 9.99


Reduce from seven cards to five


The middle two aren't totally in my control of course, but I can try.


Oh yeah, get all three scores over 760 and keep them there and growing.


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Re: Whats your new years resolution? for 2014

- Stay in the garden and reach gold in June 2014.

- Raise credit score all 3 CRA to 670 by March 2014; with the hope of 700 by June 2014.

- Keep rebuilding for 2014. At the end of 2014 look into home loans for 2015- Purchase my first house!



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Current Score: 638
Goal Score by 6/2014: 750

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Re: Whats your new years resolution? for 2014

  • No new apps. I have everything I need, credit-wise
  • Stay on track with money management and credit report monitoring
  • Hit 800 on at least one of my scores
  • Quit smoking and put that money in savings
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Re: Whats your new years resolution? for 2014

No new apps or CLI's that are hps this year. 

Get rid of my revolver debt.

Get my name as a co-signer off my cousins student loan finally.

Get all three scores over 800. My score gos over 800 offten but falls back to 790s. I want all three over 800

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Re: Whats your new years resolution? for 2014

Increase my level of Financial Literacy and how not to use debt to pay for expenses.

5/2012: 560 credit scores across the board and $500 secured CC
12/2014: 750+ scores across the board and $80k in revolving credit

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Re: Whats your new years resolution? for 2014

- new car

- have QuicksilverOne cards pc'd to QS World Mastercards with at least 5K limits

- put enough spend on Barclays Arrival for free flights to pay for at least one more free flight on Arrival along with sign up bonus

- finally finish this court case so my ex wife can begin paying child support. 

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Re: Whats your new years resolution? for 2014

For finances:


- Payoff debt

- Double my available credit (currently very low compared to income)

- Build a substantial savings buffer

- Scores above 720 in preparation for a 2015 house purchase


For everything else:


- Release my first personal iPhone app to the App Store (I'm an enterprise app developer, so all my work is internal, proprietary, and secret). 

- Lose 80 pounds, or whatever is possible. I've dropped 12 in January already. Now it will slow down and I'll have to kick up working out. 

- Learn Russian (took a semester in college, want to pick it back up).



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