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Re: "High" Income In College

My boyfriend is 23 and a senior in college and he makes about 45k. He works full time + OT for a small online marketing firm. However, we live in Southern California and 45k really doesn't go very far here. Honestly, you need half of his monthly net income just for rent on a small, normal apartment.

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Re: "High" Income In College

yeah 45k in Cali isn't very good lol.  45k in Memphis,TN isn't to bad though because cost of living is cheaper here.

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Re: "High" Income In College

Facebook interns get $5,000 a month

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Re: "High" Income In College

I make 30-50 a year depending on overtime.  I go to school fulltime for aeronautical science and its a lot sometimes, but I have always been a hard workers and cant seem to slow down.

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Re: "High" Income In College

gen-specific wrote:

Facebook interns get $5,000 a month

That's google, and it's only for 3 months.

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Re: "High" Income In College

I'm in Oklahoma too, Southeast part of the state.  Son is in college and living off me.  Maybe I should check in on this.  :smileywink:

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Re: "High" Income In College

I went to a university in the Hampton Roads area of VA. With a full-time job for a newspaper, odd and end jobs on the side, and a business of my own, I was making most of my professors at the time. Ironically, I was the boss of one of my professors who took a job for the paper to make ends meet. Irony.    I know of several 20-21-22 year olds who are graduating with a degree and earning 6-figures by means of business ownership initially started to help pay for college. With determination and persistence, anyone can grow their income much further than where it is now. A degree means nothing, IMO.

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Re: "High" Income In College

I know this is an old thread but figured I would throw in my $0.02 as a 21 year old college senior.

As most said a lot depends on the field and geographic location. My experience as a petroleum eng. student was that an internship paying $7k or so a month plus overtime is perfectly viable for a good student. I live in Missouri where cost of living is low like OK, so I see where it sounds like a ton of $$...because it is. However most internships for us are in TX, CO, or OK etc...

Still aside from high paying internships or working full time, many college students report scholarships or family help as "income" when applying for credit cards. If you have a nearly full ride to a $40k/yr school that's a chunk of change you can report even if you never do a thing with it but pay the school.
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Re: "High" Income In College

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Well I easily make 25k working PART-TIME (28-34 hrs/wk) and going to college working at a pharmacy.


So I'm thinking if you can work full time and attend college full time as well, 40k is definitely possible. Of course, being claimed as a dependant, making 40k and going to college will make you pay uncle Sam extra taxes for sure. So it's actually not convenient if your parent's claim you.


My income tax return at 25k/year is $20-30 if I'm lucky since my parents still claim me as a dependent (they do provide support).


Of course, none of these incomes are actually "high." However, compared to other college students who make the minimum wage and work 8 hours per week, we are "well off."


It's like, instead of cheap ramen noodles, we eat the expensive ramen noodles!





P.S. I go to Tech in LBB. So it's really not that much of a difference between anywhere in Oklahoma and LBB.

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Re: "High" Income In College

You would have to be really computer savvy and/or have lots of experience and/or know important people.

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