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show us your credit cards!

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Re: show us your credit cards!

I have 4 credit cards, 1 store card. I only carry 1 cc in my wallet, though, along with my debit and HSA card. I jumped on the Duck bandwagon and I keep that one in my coin purse for purchases less than $10... Which is usually the vending machine. Smiley Happy 

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Re: show us your credit cards!

5 credit cards (2 Visa with one secured card that should be a regular Visa soon, 1 American Express, 1 Discover and 1 Mastercard ). I also have 3 store cards.. so 8. 


Re: show us your credit cards!

13 total: 6 store cards 6 major cards and one Care Credit. Cap One is new and I don't know the limit yet, nor which card I was approved for...


Wells Fargo Platinum Rewards Visa $  7,000.00
Wells Fargo Care Credit $  3,600.00
FNBO Overstock Mastercard $  3,500.00
Barclay Platinum Rewards MasterCard $  2,500.00
Capital One $           -  
Chase Visa $  1,773.00
Lane Bryant (Comenity) $  1,750.00
QVC Store Card $  1,700.00
Best Buy Store Card $  1,000.00
Chase Amazon Rewards Visa $    500.00
Target REDcard $    500.00
Torrid Store Card $    350.00
Macys Store Card $    300.00
TOTALS $24,473.00
Gardening since 12/01/13 with an escape on 4/22/14 for a good cause
Scores: 05/01/10: thin file/no score 08/11/11: 620 all (mortgage FICO) 04/25/14: 705 TU (Barclay) 695 EX (FNBO) 621 EQ (FAKO) In My Wallet:: Wells Rewards Visa $7k, Care Credit $5k, Wells Care Credit $3.6k, NFBO Overstock $4.5k, BarclayCard $2.5k, Capital One $300, Chase $1.8k, Lane Bryant $1.75k, QVC $1.7k, Best Buy $1k, Chase Amazon Visa $500, Target RED $500, Torrid (Comenity) $350, Macys $300, TOTAL $31k CL, 36% util

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Re: show us your credit cards!

7 cards all in my sig.  5 of them are new.  4 new this month.  I closed my Merrick Bank Visa this month also.


Garden time for me until Jan 2016.  probably...

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Re: show us your credit cards!

12 - Credit

1 - Amex charge

7 - store cards


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