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ACS GRRRRR! Ticked Off!

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ACS GRRRRR! Ticked Off!

So it appears that since ACS sent my loan over to NSLP before my consolidation that they will not remove the lates. Experian shows It's going to report until July 2015. There goes my hopes of getting a house next year. I'm beyond furious right now. As part of the Direct Loans Consolidation Wells Fargo removed my lates but ACS refuses. I have to wait 3 more years for this thing to fall off. It has:


1-  60 Day Late

1-  90 Day Late

1-120 Day Late

1-150 Day Late

8-180 Day Late


They have to be one of the most pain in the ass companies to get some sort of GW out of. While I was fighting for my Post 9/11 GI Bill Benefits to continue going to school. I tried explaining it but they won't budge at all. I disputed it but they reported back. Never again will I ever be late on a student loan. Looks like they are more important than food because they'll ruin your damn credit.

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Re: ACS GRRRRR! Ticked Off!

Why do you feel this completely forfeits your chance of buying a house next year? If it will show until July of 2015, I am assuming you had missed payments around 2008? Was that your last missed payments? If that is all you have, I hardly feel you will not be able to get a mortgage next year. You could potentially have 4-5 years of solid credit. The last two years get the most scrutiny. 

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