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Apping for Apartments While Rehabbing Student Loans?


Apping for Apartments While Rehabbing Student Loans?

Well, I'm back with yet another question. I am two months into my student loan rehab, and thinking that it's time to get an apartment. I have rented before, so I have a year of (really good) rental history (landlord commented on the final walk through as we were moving out that we were the tidiest tenants he had ever had in 20+ years of managing rental properties). All of the apartments in my town require a credit check during the application process. I'm peeved, mainly because I don't want a HP on my CR.


Has anyone had to app for an apartment during SL rehab, and if so, how did you explain the situation?



Starting Score: 523

Current Scores: EQ: 705 TU: 757 EX: 764

Goal Scores: 800 across the board

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