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Ashford University holding transcript due to past debt

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Ashford University holding transcript due to past debt

I attended Ashford University for about 7 weeks back in 2011. I took only one class that is only good for credit at that college. Before i decided not continue my education at this university, I had already taken the student loan refund money that was due to me. Somehow, by doing this, i now owe Ashford Univesity over $4,000. They refuse to release my transcript for that ONE class transcript which again is not even transferrable. Unfortunately without the transcript i am unable to be admitted to another college. I was wondering if anyone else has dealt with this type of situation? They will not offer me a settlement. The rep i spoke with earlier this week stated that they no longer offer settlements. What can i do. I do not have $4000 to pay out of pocket and i really need to finish with my degree. Any help or advice is appreciated.









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Re: Ashford University holding transcript due to past debt

I know that you are not going to want to hear this, but they have the right to withhold academic transcripts for overdue account balances.  The federal government (Dept. of Education) encourages the practice of withholding academic transcripts to force students into paying.  I had the same thing happen to me, but the school that I graduated from did not need that transcript, since I fulfilled their graduation requirements regardless of the missing transcript (according to my limited research, this is not standard practice).


Check the state in which the school resides and see what their Dept of Education states about academic transcripts being withheld.  The last resort (short of paying) would be to sue and hope that they are unable to furnish proof that you actually attended their school (not encouraged).

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