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Call after sending GW to Nelnet

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Call after sending GW to Nelnet

I recently sent an email GW to the CEO, President, and Directors of Nelnet.  I received a message back from an advisor saying to call on Monday during normal business hours to discuss.  Do you think there is a possibility of them removing my multiple 90 day lates in my TL? 


I'm not sure what to expect.  Has this happened to anyone else in the forum?


Thanks guys!

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Re: Call after sending GW to Nelnet

Your chance is as good as any. Unfortunately this is probably just a low level CSR who will give you some line about "we investigated your request, your history is correct, we are obligated to report actual correct information" denial call.


Honestly, I don't think that any Nelnet executive actually checks their email or post mail. I've been sending in emails and physical letters. I think they are caught by assistants and forwarded over to customer service.

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