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Co-maker on WF student loan with paid charge off


Co-maker on WF student loan with paid charge off


I have zero balance charge off with my daughters student loan issued in 2008 but charged off in June 2015. There were 30/60/90/120 day lates from  June 2012. In June 2015 I paid off and zero balance.


Its badly affecting my fico with acct showing paid charge off zero balance, closed account.  It’s with Wells Fargo ES. It’s a private student loan but not sure. How do I differentiate whether federal or private. 


When exactly can this be deleted. I m co maker on this student loan. Haven’t disputed nor does it have any comments. 

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Re: Co-maker on WF student loan with paid charge off

Do you have any paperwork for the loan from when you cosigned? That should get you the information that you need or it may be on the credit reports.


You may have some luck writing a GW letter to the company and explain that you were the cosigner etc. and payed it off as best you could. 


You could also get written copies of your 3 credit reports and make sure it is reporting correctly in regards to all aspects of the loan. If anything is reporting incorrectly you can dispute it and have it removed. 


You could also do written disputes with the credit reporting angencies to see if it can be removed that way.

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Re: Co-maker on WF student loan with paid charge off

written disputes with 3 CRA's have been unsuccessful; they add statement consumer disputes which cannot be advantageous.


First late happened Nov 2012. Paidoff in Nov2016. Want to find a way to DELETION!!!!! ONLY COURSE OF ACTION.

Some law that helps deletion would help. Tried removing via inaccuracy didnt work.

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