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GW work!!!!!!!!!


GW work!!!!!!!!!

After 3 attemps i finally got Great Lakes to delete 9  90 days lates from 3 years ago, I have been on time and current since 2011 but the fact I got the lates deleted are awsome. Will I see any score bump from this trying to get to 670  right now stuck in the 630 range. 





Hi James,


Thank you for your recent email and for providing information to substantiate your situation when your delinquencies were reported.



We've looked over everything that we've reported on your account. We are pleased to say that although what we reported was correct, a decision has been made to remove this history from your credit files. We'll be instructing the credit reporting agencies to remove record of your late payments. This will be done electronically within the next five to ten business days. Please note that this isn't a guaranty that correctly reported delinquency can be removed in the future, so if you are ever falling behind in payments, please contact us immediately.


Please let us know if you have further questions.  We want to help you successfully manage your account throughout the term of your loan.






Borrower Services Department

Monday - Friday   7 am - 9 pm CST


Smiley Very Happy



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Re: GW work!!!!!!!!!

That's great news!  I think you will see some increase in your scores (because 90 day lates still hurt, even after 3 years), but it's hard to say how much because a lot of that depends on the rest of your credit profile.


Either way, it's a good thing to have those marks off your report and it will certainly help you in your rebuilding.

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Re: GW work!!!!!!!!!

Man.  I would love to get a response like this from Sallie Mae.  LOL  


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Re: GW work!!!!!!!!!

Hi James , could you send me what you sent in and to who? I'm trying to get a 120 day late payment off of my credit. Thanks!
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Re: GW work!!!!!!!!!


Could you please PM me the contact info or address you used when sending the letter?


Since it's been a few weeks since your post, you may already know the answer, but.. Since 90 day lates are major derogs, time does not weaken their impact much. Getting them removed should definitely help your score but the amount depends on what other negs are on your report. Good luck breaking 670.

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Re: GW work!!!!!!!!!

I just started the process by filling out the general e-mail on their site, then when I got a response I sent it back to the rep who e mailed me. Like I said it took 4 emails and about 6 months of back amd forth and they finally agreed to delete lates. 

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Re: GW work!!!!!!!!!

Thanks, jcamm. That's a good starting point.

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Re: GW work!!!!!!!!!

I am a cancer patient and have loans with sallie mae and mohela...Could you please share any contact or name info you have...Thank you very much

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Re: GW work!!!!!!!!!

See above there was no SPECIAL person, there is a gerenal email form which I filled out there started responding from there, It took a while but I kept hammering away, using examples from here also where others had neg deleted. hope this helps

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Re: GW work!!!!!!!!!

Good job - thanks for the info! 

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