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Help with DOFD


Help with DOFD

My page says this:


But my Equifax report (from says this:


If my loan defaulted on 10/31/12, wouldn't that mean I missed 270 days worth of payments at that point?  Which would bring my DOFD to the first month after my grace period.  This very recent delinquency is killing my scores and I'm looking for any avenue to attack it.  


I've tried calling the original lender, the school. No luck.  I tried good will to everyone with a snail mail address, no luck there either.  


i also can't help but think this shouldn't be listed as a collections account still (?).  The loan should also not be in default as I read on the ED web site that one of your options to get out of default is to pay the loan in full.  Is that right?



9/2017 TU:629 EQ:654 Exp:629
12/2017 TU:649 EQ:664 Exp:628
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