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How to fix DL loan listed as 90+days?

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How to fix DL loan listed as 90+days?

I have student loans (direct loans) from undergraduate that are currently listed as 90 days past due on my credit report. I'm not sure why - I had a grace period of 6 months after graduating, and then my loans were deferred while the dept of education was working on some paperwork/forms to send over to me.


I checked my direct loan account, and I also have a letter dated from this month from the dept, that indicates:


Past due amount: $0

Late fees: $0

Next payment due date: __/__/2014.


But my credit score/report indicates they are 90 days past due. What does this mean? And how do I go about fixing this? Does anyone have any experience with this?

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Re: How to fix DL loan listed as 90+days?

First step is to give them a call and ask for an explanation... After that tell them your loans were deferred and you have a letter that states so. If Possible fax a copy to them... Am sure after that they will take it off your report..
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