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Lates deleted & score drops??

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Lates deleted & score drops??

I searched for a similar topic and didn't find one. I have student loans that were consolidated & rehab'd, but they were reporting wrong on my credit reports. Well I got all the lates off on TU & my score dropped 20 points! Nothing else changed, no dates, nothing else deleted, nothing added - about 20 lates were deleted and my score dropped 20 points. Does that make sense? The lates were between 5-6 yrs old, would that make a difference? (They are TrueCredit FAKO scores, does that make a difference?) Thanks!
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Re: Lates deleted & score drops??

I can't definitely answer you about the lates being able to result in a decrease in score, but the FAKO scores are often wrong. I have watched mine go up on truecredit when in fact they dropped a few points when I pulled myFICO and I've seen it go the other way scores go up...and they drop on FAKO. So, I'd take those with a grain of salt.
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