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Navient - Advocate Response Time?

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Navient - Advocate Response Time?

Hello! I sent a letter to Navient's Advocate email. Just wondering how long I should give it before I chalk it up to no response? Or will they always response? 

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Re: Navient - Advocate Response Time?

How long ago did you send the email and did you get an automated response that indicated they received it?


I suspect depending on the complexity of the issue, it may take them some time to get back with you.  My hope is that they would send you a message from a person say, hey got your email and we are researching it.  But if they don't, then it's possible it could take 30 days for them to research and get the response back to you.  I've never used that email address so don't have personal experience.  Hopefully someone with personal experience can chime in.

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Re: Navient - Advocate Response Time?

Emailed about a week ago. I did receive an autoemail about payment options that had nothing to do with my request but then yesterday I got notification that a new document posted to my account. Logged in and sure enough, denied. Blah blah blah we have to report accurate data and will not remove past lates. Your goodwill request is denied. I knew it would be, its my first attempt. I was hopeful there would be more personal interaction but I never heard from anyone and the denial was definitely a form letter. 


So now I guess I start emailing the various people whose contact info is floating around. Thanks for the response!

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