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Sallie Mae 90 Day Lates, GW, Score, Mortgages

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Sallie Mae 90 Day Lates, GW, Score, Mortgages



I have several derogs from Sallie Mae.  Equifax is showing two (2) 90-day lates, one from 5 years ago, one from last year.  TransUnion, is showing five (5) 90-day lates and two (2) 120-day lates.  All but one of the 90-day lates is from 5-6 years ago.  


When I pulled my TransUnion credit score through myFico, it was reported as a 662 (I have not been able to pull the Equifax yet, I think because I had pulled the report before visiting here).


A few questions: 


1. Does anyone have experience obtaining mortgages with similar derogs on their report?  Are the 90-day lates something that would virtually guarantee mortgage rejection? 


2. I've read that Sallie Mae occassionaly accepts GWs for 90-day lates.  I'd like to get the one from last year removed as it occured during a medical emergency with family and was not related in any way to inability to pay.  If I am able to have the year-old 90-day late removed would it likely improve my score and/or chances of obtaining a mortgage? 






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Re: Sallie Mae 90 Day Lates, GW, Score, Mortgages

A mortgage might be possible given the score but the key derogative tradelines might skew things out of line. Actually, a lot depends on the lender. Some do not even look at negative TLs which are at least a couple of years old.

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