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Sallie Mae - GW? Paying in full?

Good morning: I have a small student loan with Sallie Mae, with currently has a balance of just over $1300. I had a few late payments in 2007, and on my credit report they have listed two 90-days late, for October and November of 2007. (There are not a 30-day and a 60-day, just the 2 90-days for those months). I have heard that Sallie Mae will not GW anything while your account is still open.


I am able to pay off the entire balance amount in full, but would obviously like to have those baddies off my report. I am trying to clean up my credit, and need all the GW I can get!!


Does anyone have experience with getting a GW adjustment to their report “in exchange” for making a payment in full? How would I go about requesting this?


Also, (if I can’t get a GW from them), would it be better score-wise for my report to just pay this thing off, or to continue to pay each month, so it would be positively reported each month? I have about 40k in other student loans (which are all current – no baddies), so paying this off won’t really change my debt ratio that much.


Thanks for any advise you can offer.

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