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Has anyone signed up for this?


I'm curious if it's worthwhile or not.


Here is the article that brought me to it:

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Re: SmarterBucks

Though i tend to like the idea, I wonder if it would be a better kickback using a cashback credit card that allows you to gain a higher percentage.  Of course there would be more discipline needed with using a credit card because you would have to make sure that you don't carry a balance and make sure to apply that cash back to the student loans, but it has worked okay for me so far.  Oh, and the cash back card would need not to have an annual fee.  I am usually able to push about an extra $500 a year to my student loans.  I mean, it's in no way paying off a student loan, but hey, it's a nice chunk of change.

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Re: SmarterBucks

Any updates on this topic?? I just found out about SmarterBucks about 2 months ago.  OP, did you sign up?  Was it worth it?

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Re: SmarterBucks

This use to be UPromise and it still maybe but it's been around for ever and ever, and unless they have changed the whole line up now as another poster stated, a good rewards card will get you much father, which Im sorry did not go into full detail look of it but it just gives you pennies or what ever % on the purcahses that you make on a registered card so you can still use a cash back card, this is just operating in the background, basically kind of similar to iDine, etc. you load the credit cards in and as you dine someonewhere if they participate you will get money on that account... not only are you basically opening up your life to them off those credit cards but it's a great way for people to see cash sitting if they log in and take a server and then that cash releases or what not...

not going to hurt probably if it's free....

sometimes I really don't like the idea of something like that tracking my moves but really I'm not computer savvy enought to make it not happen, so I my as well take any offers, promo, etc. if all they want is to track where I eat or buy school books!

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Re: SmarterBucks

I did not sign up. I was curious about others' experiences. Does not look like it's worth the trouble.

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Re: SmarterBucks

I wonder what the approval odds are for a card like that?  I am a grad student who has never really had a credit card and trying to get them now is proving to be a little difficult with no credit history. Maybe this card would be easier to get than a cashback card which I have been told I have little chance of until I build more history. I will look into this more.  


Thanks for this topic!




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