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Student Loan Family Forgery Nightmare. Now what?

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Re: Student Loan Family Forgery Nightmare. Now what?

bahbahd wrote:


It is hard to imaging that in all your college years that you never once looked at your credit reports or talked to your financial aid / admissions departments at all. You keep talking about your mother having been in denial. From the sounds of things, you might be in some serious denial also. I'm not the only one in this thread who thinks your story is quite fishy. Personally, I think it sounds like a bunch of people not wanting to pay for something they should.



Is that really that hard to imagine?  I mean, we are nearly in a national crisis over student loan debt that in a lot of cases should never have been taken out in the first place.  That didn't happen because college kids are awesome at making financial decisions, good at keeping their appointments to consult with experts, and learn what a FICO score is in their freshman year.  The Credit CARD Act included all many protections and restrictions for young borrowers with no independent source of income.  Those provisions were included for a reason, and again, it's not that college kids make all the right financial decisions.


I never looked at my credit reports in college, and the only reason I didn't get a credit card was because my parents (in their slightly backwards way) had made me so terrified of them that I was convinced I should never get one EVER.  Had my parents pulled something like this on me (and I think they might have tried if their current financial difficulties had arrived a few years earlier) I may well have not noticed until several years after graduation when I finally tried to get a car loan or buy a home.  And, for the record, I am practically estranged from my family, but I still don't want them to go to jail and probably could not handle being responsible for that, if for no reason other than I'd like the rest of my family to maybe still speak to me on occasion.


If you think the OP is a con artist, that's fine, don't help them.  If you have thoughts that will help them make their case to law enforcement, a judge, their family, whatever, then offer them, but be constructive about it.  The whole reason this forum works is because we all do our best to supportive and constructive.  Finances are a very sensitive issue, and when you throw in troubled family, it can be very tough.  But respect should come first, always, and if it can't, find another thread to post in.


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Re: Student Loan Family Forgery Nightmare. Now what?

SCF, I agree wholeheartedly.


It is disturbing that posters who need help are subjected to ridicule and so forth. This is a student loan forum. The forum exists for the purpose of asking/answering questions regarding student loans, and exploring solutions to problems with student loans. 


One would expect that posters on a student loan message board are having problems with sl's. One would not expect that posters on a student loan message board have always done and are continuing to do everything correctly. They need assistance.


There are plenty of web forums where degrading, mocking, and non-constructive commentary are the norm. If that is what you offer, suggest you move on.


Be constructive, be supportive, be respectful.

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Re: Student Loan Family Forgery Nightmare. Now what?



From a credit perspective, we are all in agreement that the letters from 2009 that you referred to earlier are significant in clearing this. As you describe them, please do not include ANY information that could be used to identify yourself or your family. With that caution in mind, can you provide:


1. the EXACT wording used to declare your situation to the original lender

2. the same for collection agency at that time, 2009

3. any relevant parts of correspondence to the lender requesting a promissory note for any of the loans

4. note if letter written by you or your mom unless explicit


Remember, no personal info such as names, addresses, school, account numbers, etc.


Have you had any response from the "more persuasive" packet sent to Transunion in June? By law they have only 30 days to complete their investigation. They are required by law to respond to you. If you have, what was the result? If negative, the next step is the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and we can give you tips on dealing with them.


Keep your head up!

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Re: Student Loan Family Forgery Nightmare. Now what?

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Re: Student Loan Family Forgery Nightmare. Now what?

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Re: Student Loan Family Forgery Nightmare. Now what?

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Re: Student Loan Family Forgery Nightmare. Now what?

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Re: Student Loan Family Forgery Nightmare. Now what?

to Speechless, my concern with the QWR was that it might trigger some further action by the lender. That may be the attorney's concern as well, but I can only speak to the credit issues. At this point you have to wait and see.


It does sound like your mom is taking positive action in stepping forward to get these loans out of your name. My take is that in doing so she is attempting to take care of this and "stand on her own two feet" as you put it. Very few of the IDT problems we see have this kind of clear resolution. From your early posts it sounds like you believed your mom was a criminal who had taken advantage of you. When you confronted her with the information maybe you were uncertain she would take responsibilty? Whatever the past issues, it sounds like she is now trying to do the right thing. And that's good for you, right?


Family finances, divorce, economic turndowns = many complications!



"Be positive, be constructive, be respectful."




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Re: Student Loan Family Forgery Nightmare. Now what?

Edie, you're right, and I'm going to try to get it together here. When I got all the documentation and learned the extensiveness of the lying, i felt such deafening anger. Now i'm wringing my hands, wishing that suddenly i could protect HER! It's a common response in families as screwed up as mine-- the kids go nuts being alternately furious at the parents' decisions and then trying to protect them. My little brother does it too. Thanks for your support.


Maybe I should resubmit my TransUnion dispute, not file anything new, just so the lender (if I've been flagged for attentioin by the QWR) knows I'm still disputing these, the history of dispute stays constant, and it's clear that the QWR was not intended to  indicate otherwise. I don't see the harm in that, but let me know what you think, if you can.


Thanks, everyone. It all sucks and I'm doing my best.

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Re: Student Loan Family Forgery Nightmare. Now what?

Speechless, re:  3. Can you let us know the status of the Transunion matter?

Yes, sorry! They sent back a form letter that they didn't understand my request. It was all packaged clearly as supporting material for my previous dispute, in which they found that the loans met FCRA requirements. My lawyer didn't think it was necessary to send EVERYTHING again; I think we should have.


1. What did you send to Transunion?


2. What was the exact wording of your cover letter, if one was included?


3. What was the exact wording of their response to you?


4. What was your attorney's objection to resubmitting?


Reminder, no personal details!

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