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Student Loan Rehabilitation is Complete, Whats Next?


Student Loan Rehabilitation is Complete, Whats Next?

Equifax(558), Transunion(550), Experian(561).


I just completed my 9th/Final payment for my Student Loan Rehabilitation(TG/Texas Guarantee) on 4/2/13, I'm just basically waiting for a Lender to pick up the loan. It was with Edfinancial before TG; but I have heard the change in score and removal of past due payments can take from 30-60 days. 


Can anyone tell me how long it takes for your loan to be picked up after rehab is complete & also what effect it will have on my credit score & if it actually does take 30-60 days for your credit report to reflect the change or is it a way I can escalate the process. Thanks. 

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Re: Student Loan Rehabilitation is Complete, Whats Next?

How long it takes to get picked up - varies; most people are reporting that it does happen within 30 days.

Effect it will have - hard to say, there's no automatic point award or anything. Basically, lenders will for sure remove default notations and tradelines will report with "pays as agreed" from date of original default forward. Some lenders remove the old tradeline completely, some will leave the lates leading up to the default in place. YMMV.

It does take 30-60 days for the CR to reflect the change. There is not a reliable way to speed up the process. Are you in a hurry because you'd like to app for something?

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