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Students incorrectly listed as Charge offs...What do I do now

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Students incorrectly listed as Charge offs...What do I do now

Ok so I am in the final phases of cleaning up the last stubborn items on my credit report. I have two loans from Citibank student loans from 2008 that are currently listed as charge offs. During that time I was in school and sent them documents showing that I was in school and applying for in school deferment. They applied the deferment to all my loans with them except these two that are charged off. I did not know they did not include all the loans and just learned of the charge off by cleaning up my credit over the last year. Since then all my Citibank loans have been bought by Sallie Mae and are currently in foreberance. These two loans in charge off are killing my credit report in regards to getting better offers. I have sent letters to citbank, called them, even faxed a letter to Citibank from my school showing I was in school at the time they put my loans in default. I dont know what to do at this point. The loans are not in collections, there is no collection company reporting them nor have any collectiion companies sent me anything and the people I speak with at citibank are totally clueless as to what I should do....any suggestions?

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Re: Students incorrectly listed as Charge offs...What do I do now

When you say that Sallie Mae bought all of your loans, is that including the charged-off accounts???  Or do they just show up as closed Citi accounts?


How old are these accounts?  Hopefully not too recent Smiley Sad


I don't really know if there's anything they can do now, because it's been so long.  Maybe if you had been able to catch it sooner, but even then, they might not have done anything to help you.  Citi isn't trying to collect from you?


(There was something else I was going to ask you, but my mind went totally blank.....I'll post again if I remember!)

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