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Tuition in collections or student loan in collections?

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Tuition in collections or student loan in collections?

I've been searching for answers to this, so any help would be appreciated.


I was enrolled in a graduate program in early 2009 in Maryland. I paid for it using a federal student loan. Halfway through the semester I left the state for a job opportunity and had to leave the program. The college then billed me for $3,500 because I was no longer eligible for the student loan.


Long story short: the $3,500 was sent to the state's collections unit (though I objected) and I have been stuck with them on my credit report since 2009. I have been able to pay the amount down $2,100. It is listed on TransUnion and Experian (both with $2,100 balance) but not on Equifax. TransUnion says it is an "Open Account" and that it is estimated to be removed on 12/2015. On Experian it says it is a "Closed Account."



  • Why are TransUnion and Experian reporting different account statuses?
  • On some paperwork I have from them, it says that the basis of the debt is "Outstanding Obligation" and the agency is the university. Assuming this is a collections on tuition and not a student loan, are there tactics I can use that I otherwise would not be able to (pay for delete, settling, etc.)?
  • TransUnion says it is expected to be removed by 12/2015 -- is that only if the balance is paid to zero?

Thank you. I've spent many hours trying to figure out the best way to proceed with this but have not come up with any answers.

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